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The Hidden start up costs with a NON web/cloud-based systems

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Hello everyone Dr. Bryan Capra from genesis chiropractic software. A frequently asked question i get are what are the startup fees. Not just the start up fees but what’s the cost to start using the software. As compared to client server systems i’m going to compare genesis and how many additional fees are hidden with client server type systems. So a client server type system again is a system where you have to buy a server put that in your office, configure the database load the software on it then connect all of your computer’s network all of your computer’s in the office to that server load the software on those computers and then you’re able to use the software in your office. So that’s a client server system platinum chiro touch all those other systems our client server systems. So what are the costs hitting costs associated with that. So a client server systems you’re going to see that it’s actually a lot more cost than just the the software license fee that they tell you upfront. Number one you do need a dedicated server that’s a few thousand dollars right there at least just to buy a server and put that in your office. Then you have to network all of the computers that are going to be using that software to that server. And you’re going to load the software on each one of those computers and the actual server itself. You need a dedicated hardware that is required so a lot of those other systems you’re going to have to buy each station you have to buy the check in keys you have to buy the table keys. With Genesis you can start with just a laptop or just a tablet pc or an ipad a lot of the the offices that start up with us our new practices they can’t afford all the hardware that goes into this. And all the stations that are required so they save a lot of money just by doing that. You need firewalls set up because you’re storing your data in your office it’s a huge HIPAA risk that that data center or in your office that server can be hacked very easily so you need to put up additional firewall to comply with HIPAA. A lot of times that’s not told to the offices. And then you need to configure the database which is something kind of technical but when you buy the server is not just that you load software on the server there’s actually a configuration process that needs to happen in addition to all the networking the firewalls and connecting all the computers to that server. You have to actually configure the database so all of this hardware and configuration is not something that software company does for you that’s somebody where you have to hire an additional resource in your community or from bestbuy or whoever to come in and do that work. So it’s an additional fee on top of the license fee on top of the hardware on top of the configuration there’s additional costs that. So with Genesis there’s a lot lower costs to get started and use the system a lot lower barrier to entry a lot less time for you because you’re literally once you are a client you literally are able to log in from any computer on on your browser. So there’s no heart there’s no software that has to be loaded on any computer ever. You can log in instantly from any computer with the same username and password and an ID code that’s all HIPAA compliant 100% encrypted up to HIPAA standards and up to the government standards. So you don’t need a server because all your data is now going to be stored in the cloud so you can access the system 24-7. From anywhere there’s internet connection on any computer or device. There’s no networking required all you need to do is have your computer’s on the on the internet. There’s no additional hardware like I said a lot of the new offices start out with very little hardware. There’s no firewalls needed as soon as you log in everything you do in the system is a hundred percent encrypted so you don’t need additional firewalls which means a lot less risk to your data being hacked and of course there’s a lot less HIPAA risk because of that. And then there’s no database configuration again you’re just logging in and accessing the data 24-7 you’re accessing the data in our servers which are in the cloud. So in this case the startup cost is much much much lower for Genesis.

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