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Web Based VS Traditional Chiropractic Software – #9 How Do Power Outages Effect Each System?

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The bigger problem and more likely problem is power outages. Power outages happen much more frequently now with in practices. So system is non-operational you have a client service system that servers down all the computers are down everything is down even if you have laptops with batteries they can’t access the server so they don’t work the system your software still won’t work. You know if you have a laptop with a battery. So power outage is often accompanied by power surges which can damage your servers so again I practiced in Florida for a while. The power used to go out three o’clock every day when we had a thunderstorm right so the power would go out our battery backups would kick in our computers will be up and running client server systems that can also short out your server. If your server gets short out your datas wiped out yet that again go to that whole process of restoring your data hopefully not having to but you might have to replace your server. Reconfigure the database reconfigure your network the whole night and against who’s going to do that for you. Power surges disrupt internal networks which can take valuable time to set back up. Alright so once that internal network is down you’re not the best person to set that back up. Now with a web-based platform you can use a laptop until the power comes back on and in this case you’re not dependent on the server also being back up because you can also run the entire internet connection through your cell phone. They even have wireless cards you can run that are just dedicated little you can buy them from any of the cell phone carriers they’re called Wi-Fi cards Verizon and you all of them have it you just turn this thing on and you can run multiple computers off of it. If it runs just like a cell phone only the only thing it does is Wi-Fi. So power up powers out turn on your laptops and your cell phone and you don’t miss a step. So no servers needed no network needed so even in a power outage the advantage is with a web-based system so for both for internet down time and the power outage. All things considered by far the web-based platform is the better option. Now remember that all these other things cost you time on the client server side costs you time, energy, stress and definitely cost you money.