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Web Based VS Traditional Chiropractic Software – #3 Maintenance Cost

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Maintenance costs which I touched on briefly. Much higher with a client server system. So every few years you have to replace that server in addition to every time you put the more patients you put on that server the slower the system gets. So you’ll need to replace that server again a server is three four five thousand dollars depending on how big your practices and you’re going to want to buy the best. The network downtime and repair everybody knows if you have a network in your office or at home it always goes down at some point in time and nobody in your office certainly not you on average the average doctor is not going to have the time or the know how to repair a network in their office. And when that happens you’re at a business you have to update your hardware and when you update that hardware you have to update the software so you actually have to reload that software on every piece of new hardware you get rather than just logging into a system on any piece of new hardware you get. The new hardware you do get has to be a little bit more sophisticated has to have a little more computing power since you’re actually doing computations and things on that computer. Software updates are needed and they interrupt your staff so a lot of times client server systems and the fine print tell you you’re going to need to upgrade your software and they forget to tell you that that’s 700 800 dollars a year just to upgrade the software. Or they’ll tell you don’t have to upgrade the software or and pay that fee to upgrade the software but as you know ICD-10 the new US compliance certifications all those things are an ongoing process and to get those upgrades you’re going to have to upgrade your software and pay the fit. And you can guarantee that every year there’s going to be a new upgrade. Whether it’s by government mandate for HIPAA compliance for coding changes. There’s always going to be something we can guarantee almost every year where you’re going to have to upgrade that software. Now when you upgrade the software you have to upgrade your server and every computer that logs into that server. Database configuration you get a new server you start the whole process over you get the new server you have to configure that database you have to network all the computers you have to load the software on it. And then you have to you’re starting from scratch so all those are additional costs that are hidden costs that people don’t realize that are built into the pricing structure of a client-server system. With the web-based system again you don’t need a server. So all that cost and time and energy to do those things download the updates and having your staff do that restore your data when you get a new server and hopefully your backup the data properly. All that goes away. There’s no network required so sometimes we have had clients that should think about hurricane sandy that went through some of the offices in New Jersey and totally wiped them out. Client server systems lost their server and all their data web base systems like ours had their data backed up and we’re up and running as soon as they can get a new computer. They’re up and running they can log on get a laptop use the web based access from their iphone which is available on every wireless phone nowadays you can actually use that as your internet connection. And they could literally be up and running overnight and use the same exact system with all the data restored instantly. And you don’t need any new hardware over the lifespan of your practice if you want to upgrade it you can but for the most part the computing power to get on the internet is going to be pretty much the same. If it’s not exactly the same it’s going to be much longer than with the hardware you’re going to need for a client server system. Updates are in real time with no interruption when our system we have an update process which I can get into more detail but think of it this way. Tomorrow you walk into the office the updated system as soon as you log in is there. If for some reason there’s something that doesn’t work with the update. Or its not exactly what you want you prefer the older version there’s always a back-up login where you can log and get the old system. But we do have a release process or beta test things and work out as many of the bugs as we possibly can. Again no database configuration so you’re not going to have the cost of buying the new server every few years. Live alone configuring that that database configuring the network etc. So again the web a system wins hands down.