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Web Based VS Traditional Chiropractic Software – #10 Internal Server Crashes

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Internal network failure that’s when the computer is talking to each other. When that fails so if that internet I mean if that internal network fails your computer with a client server system your computers that you have with the software on them can’t talk to the server they can’t work. They can access data they’re useless. Again you have to hire some off-site tech support even if it’s a patient then you have to find the patient get them in the office and hopefully they can reconfigure this whole thing. And if they do even if you do find a person they comment yours let’s say you call geek squad or something from bestbuy they come in the first thing I do is explain this whole thing to them. Explain your software they have to find the recovery disks they have to do all this stuff then they have to determine is your data wiped out. You’ve to restore the data is your server fried there’s a user if you need user then there’s a diagnostic process that could take hours. Could take you a whole day just to go to the spot just to figure out what they have to do before they even get to it. With our system with a web-based platform again you’re logging in anytime anywhere all you have to do is get on the internet. So there is no internal network effect there’s no problem 24-7 on-site support. Let’s say our data center for some reason it survived Hurricane sandy but for some reason there’s God forbid some other catastrophe that knocks down one of the data centers. So I’ll have to knock down all of our data centers but let’s say it that happen too, in a data center you understand that there’s power backups there’s redundancy on top of redundancy and the people it’s men 24-7 by technical support people. So the odds of the entire data center is going to go down are very small but let’s say just our servers went down in a data center. There’s people there that know our product that know our servers that know exactly how they’re configured and are there their sole job is to restore these things. All right of course we have redundancy and the data backup and the software backups and we have not only in each data center but off site as well. So the likelihood that our network on our in our data center go down it’s going to have even close to the amount of down time that you would have is almost none we’ve had a very very very little downtime in the eighth plus years we’ve been in business. Definitely I don’t think any downtime that our clients have noticed in any real way. Though internal network failure again web-based platform wins hands down.