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4 Mistakes Chiropractors Make With Their Facebook Ads

4-mistakes-chiropractors-make-with-their-facebook-adsMost chiropractors REALLY want to use Facebook to get new patients in their office.  And that’s not wrong… Facebook is a great resource to reach your ideal prospects.  But I would also say that most chiropractors fail when it comes to actually using Facebook and Facebook ads to actually generate new patients in their office.  And it’s usually because of these 3 mistakes.

Facebook Ad Mistake #1: No one is on Facebook to buy stuff or be “pitched”.  So simply posting about how great chiropractic is… is kinda just a pitch.  So don’t lay it out there as “look how awesome my office is”.  Lay it out there like “look what happened to Katie when she started doing “this”.

And you don’t reveal what “this” is until they click over to the blog post, watch the video or read the entire post.  People LOVE the intrigue and “what am I missing”… so give it to them.  And then it becomes more like they discovered it vs. you cramming it down their throat.

Facebook Ad Mistake #2: Not using all the different types of media available to you.

I’m sure someone came along and said “you need to be using video, it’s the best thing”.  And it may be REALLY GREAT (I do love video)… but it’s not the only thing.  You should be using a variety of the different media on Facebook to engage with your current patients and with prospects that may become patients in the future.  Different people engage with different types of content.  So if you only use one type of content then you won’t reach everyone in your market.

And it’s really simple.  If you have a 2-3 minute video that you just recorded (because video is AWESOME!)… then you can simply transcribe it and turn it into a blog post.

Then you can also use the transcript and use it as a Facebook post.  Use a screenshot of something really cool and intriguing of Katie so it grabs the prospects attention.

Facebook Ad Mistake #3:  Not creating and using content that is helpful and engaging.

Actually using Facebook correctly to get new patients, get referrals, and increase retention is really about relationships.  Using Facebook to create value for people is part of the relationship business.  And I’ve said for quite some time that successful businesses should really be focusing on relationships.

Start thinking about what type of content you can create that will give value to a prospect so you can get your foot in the “relationship door”.  Then you will be better able to present a call to action to them to come into the office.

Facebook Ad Mistake #4:  Not using Facebook to increase retention and referrals.

Most chiropractors are hemorrhaging when it comes to retention and referrals from their current patients.  They spend so much time and energy worrying about where the next new patient is coming from that they almost neglect the ones that have already said yes.

You spent how much money and energy getting that new patient?  And now you’re going to let them simply slip out the back door?

Don’t… use your Facebook ads and content to keep people around longer and keep you top of mind so they know who to refer to when a friend says “I’ve had a headache for the last week” (or any other dang condition).

Simply run an ad to people that like your page or have engaged with your page in the last 30-60 days (your stats and insights will tell you what interval to use).  You can also upload your patient email list as a custom audience and run ads directly at that (AND… you can use that list to create a lookalike audience for new patients).

There are other mistakes that chiropractors make but these are at the core of marketing.  Start by fixing these and you will be way ahead of the game and see a much better ROAS.

Stay tuned for the next post where I expose my favorite Facebook Hack to get more engagement on your ads for a cheaper price.

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