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Best Chiropractic “Hack” To Increase Facebook Ad Engagement and Lower Costs

 In Chiropractic Marketing, chiropractic software

best-chiropractic-hack-to-increase-facebook-ad-engagement-and-lower-costsIn the last blog post I talked about the 4 Mistakes Chiropractors Make With Their Facebook Ads. You can click here to read the entire blog post to find out if you are making any or all of these mistakes.

And at the end of that post I told you I would share my favorite Facebook Hack to get more engagement on your Facebook ads… and get it for a cheaper price.

In order to do that you have to understand how the Facebook Ads algorithm works and how it determines when to show your ad and how much it’s going to charge you.

Not that long ago Facebook hit it’s “max ad load” and started making some changes to it’s ads platform. On of those changes was turning it’s focus back on it’s users and a little less on it’s advertisers. Max ad load means that the amount of space that Facebook has available to show ads (without getting ugly) has been reached.

It’s a really good thing for them… and for the user… and not so much for the advertiser. But it’s still a fantastic marketing platform for chiropractors. But this max ad load means that your clicks, views and engagement will come at a higher cost. So you need to serve up better ads that Facebook users like.

So what does it mean to have an ad that the Facebook user likes? And let’s be honest… NO ONE really likes ads. What people do like is information that is relevant to them. If someone is struggling with back pain and you show them “Three Secrets To Eliminating Chronic Back Pain in 14 Days”… that is RELEVANT to them. And since millions of Americans struggle with back pain… it’s relevant to a lot of people.

So relevant content is one thing that makes your ads cheaper. If you put shallow “$19 offer” ads up and people don’t engage with it (cause it’s a crappy offer and attracts coupon shoppers) then Facebook will recognize that and either show it to crappy people that like coupons… or they will charge you more to show it. Either way you’re not winning. Show relevant and engaging content.

And I just gave away the second component of a good Facebook ad… Engaging content. If people just scroll on by and never click on the ad then Facebook views that as an ad that the users don’t like. And what does that equate to? Either not showing your ad to the right people… or showing it to the right people but at an increased cost. Facebook will make money either way. I just think it’s a great idea if you get a great ROI as well.

And here’s the hack to make your content even MORE ENGAGING (just make sure you already have the relevant part). Get more people to engage with the post. Alright… that’s not really the hack part LOL. But how you get them to engage IS!

I like to do giveaways in the office to get current patients to engage with the content that I’m posting and promoting on Facebook. So you simply have a drawing in the office for everyone that Likes, Comments and Shares your post on Facebook. Have them do it right there in the office in front of you or your staff. Give them one entry of a “like”, two for a comment, and three for a share. This encourages them to do all three parts to have a better chance to win (more on the prize in a minute).

And if it’s a Facebook post with a link to a blog post… then you ad in another 5 entries if they click over to the post and read what you have. This is one more piece of engagement… and it’s time on site for your Google SEO efforts.

LOTS of behind the scenes going on with this strategy. Not to mention that everyone that engages with the content is in a way telling their friends list and making a referral to you. People see the share, the likes and the comments in their newsfeed. Maybe it starts the conversation about chiropractic (it does 🙂 )

Now for the prize. So many chiropractors will see this as an “expense” vs an investment in their business. If you would typically get 1000 clicks on the ad at $1 each… but because of this strategy you are now getting them at .75… then you should look at a $50-$100 gift without batting an eye.

That doesn’t even include all the additional traffic you get from your patients friends. So pick a great restaurant that everyone really likes (but generally won’t frequent due to price) and offer up a $100 gift card. The results from this strategy are simply unbelievable. Now go do it.

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