How to Become a Better Speaker and Influencer!

Roberto Monaco arrived in America in 1995 with no money, no connections, no friends, and more importantly, with no English. By 2002, he was a full-time speaker, coach and trainer, and today he [...]

Talking Weight-Loss, Detox, and Workshops for Your Practice with Dr. DelRae Messer!

Dr. DelRae Messer graduated Magna Cum Laude from Northwestern Health Sciences University in March 2007. She has additional certifications in nutrition, weight loss and detoxification, chelation [...]

How to Build a Huge Chiropractic Practice with Dr. Stephen Franson!

Dr. Stephen Franson has not only built a huge, wellness based Chiropractic practice, but he’s also helped dozens of Chiropractors to do the same thing.  He has studied the process of [...]

6 Steps to Performing Ultimate Teacher Appreciation Days, and Helping More Teachers in Your Community!

Chris Burfield Is A Top Notch Chiropractic Marketer Who Has Helped Hundreds Of Chiropractors Get More New Patients Through Teacher Appreciation Days! “We made over $20,000 doing just a [...]

Dr. Allen Miner, Wellness Radio Expert!

Have you ever wanted to know “How To Start Your Own Radio Show”? Genesis Chiropractic Software brings you Dr. Allen Miner, host of Albuquerque’s number 1 wellness radio show [...]

Facebook Made Simple with Dr. Matthew Loop and Genesis Chiropractic Software!

After watching the majority of fellow chiropractors use Facebook haphazardly, while making things more complicated than they need to be, I felt compelled to offer some guidance. A handful of [...]

Improve Profitability With SMART Marketing Plans

Building your chiropractic dream practice will greatly depend on how well you market your services. The hard part will be figuring out just which marketing activities will produce the desired [...]

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