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Strategies For Building a Pediatric, Sports or Wellness Practice

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For years chiropractors have asked me… “how can I get more wellness patients?” And in more recent years chiropractors are also asking… “how can get more athletes in my practice?”.

“How can I grow a pediatric and family practice?”

And the answer for all of these is the same. Meet people where they are with your marketing message. So if you want more athletes you need to demonstrate how chiropractic has helped other athletes.

I usually talk about injuries in my front end ads to attract them to the content and get them engaged. Something like:

“3 Ways To Overcome Nagging Knee Pain When Running”

That will get the attention of all knee pain sufferers… and more specifically runners. Now you come up with several headlines for different “aches and pains” that runners face on a regular basis. Once they click over to your content you can deliver some value and solutions to them… and one of those solutions is CHIROPRACTIC!

You can also talk directly to runners about performance.

“How To Overcome Runners Plateau and Set A New PR in Your Next Race”

There are athletes who are less concerned about pain and more concerned about their race times and beating “Tony” who always seems to edge them out at every race (they say he cheats). So they make your job pretty simple as well. Chiropractic improves performance, speeds recovery, and allows people to train more effectively… so they can set new PR’s. And you’ll hear some things like, “my knee pain has gone away” LOL

So what about pediatric practices? I LOVE seeing pediatric practices grow. Kids are the future and if you get them clear and connected early we are all much better off.

But the same strategy applies. Talk about the “condition” to get the parents attention. Then provide the solution.

One of my favorite pediatric programs for chiropractors is Epic Pediatrics. They have a very loud and very congruent message for how they help kids with ADHD, Autism, Asthma, Allergies, Ear Infections and more. Tell me this headline doesn’t get your attention if you’re a parent struggling with a kid that’s “sick” with one of these labels.

Unlocking Autism, ADHD, SPD, Asthma, Allergies and MORE!

Of course they are going to click over and see what it’s all about. Then you provide value and build a relationship with them. Provide them with other real examples of kids and families you’ve helped overcome these challenges.

And now let me share ONE WAY of how you can do this with paid marketing and giveaways. This strategy helps you reach people that may normally overlook your content. They may be completely unaware that they fit the category you’re talking about. AND… it is a viral strategy so you get it shared like crazy… so that’s nice!

If you remember from my previous post I talked about giving GREAT gifts… and gifts that are related to chiropractic… but not something you sell or offer. Trust me on this (or don’t and see less results).

So for pediatrics you could get a nice bundle and offer a “Mom’s Day Out” package. A spa day… a nice lunch… and a movie… even a babysitter. Don’t be afraid to invest a couple hundred bucks in your gift.

For athletes you can do a new pair of shoes from a local sporting goods store… some wearable electronics… a sports massage… a gym membership.

These are best if they are something that the person really values but wouldn’t normally spend money on themselves.

But with all of these strategies… the key is to follow up with them with value about what you do and how it helps. Build a relationship with them and they are much more likely to take action on your offer.

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