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Get New Patients From This Viral Marketing Strategy

 In Chiropractic Marketing, chiropractic software

get-new-patients-from-this-viral-marketing-strategyMan I think you’re going to love this post about how to get more new patients from this viral strategy.

In the last post I discussed using “in house” giveaways to increase engagement on your Facebook ads. When you increase engagement it does multiple things that include… increasing “social proof”, decreasing ad costs, and increasing your reach from your current patients. You can read the entire post by clicking here.

Today I’m going to piggy back on that post… BUT… this will go deeper into getting new patients and reach with a viral component. This isn’t dependent on your current patients or “in house” marketing. It can actually take on a life of it’s own and reach people in your community that typically wouldn’t engage with your posts or content.

This strategy gets you in front of people that have no idea how chiropractic can impact their family beyond back pain and neck pain. So if that’s important to you… keep reading and be ready to take some action.

The vast majority of people don’t “want” to focus on their health. I think it’s human nature to look for the easy path, and that’s why most people choose the pill over the healthy lifestyle (that includes chiropractic).

But people love games and challenges… and they love winning stuff. So if you can meet them where they are and then start to show them solutions to their health problems, create value for them, and build relationships with them… then you will get new patients that never would have engaged with you before.

And this is one of my favorite ways to do it.


But not just any giveaway. Do GOOD giveaways! And do giveaways that don’t necessarily involve you or your “product”.

Here’s the mistake I see people make when it comes to giveaways. They try and giveaway their own product or service. But people see right through that because it’s tied to you and people don’t feel like it’s much of a prize to get a new patient appointment. LOL

And I think most chiropractors don’t want to pony up for a decent giveaway prize because they see it as an expense vs a marketing investment in their practice. When you do GOOD giveaways it far outweighs the “expense” you put into it. So let me give you an example of what I would do as a giveaway for a chiropractic practice and then I’ll finish up with the details on why this strategy absolutely KILLS IT!

I would get a nice bundle of gifts from local businesses that people really love. And you can keep it “health” related so that it’s still relevant to you. An example would be a 60 minute massage (from someone other than you), coupled with a 2 month membership to a food delivery service like Green Chef (it’s organic), and bundle those on top of 3 month membership to a local gym. You’ll end up with a great prize worth a few hundred bucks that people love.

So why does this type of giveaway work?

#1… It’s a GOOD FREAKING GIFT! You want good results? Use good giveaway gifts. The number one mistake I see is someone trying to be a tight ass and use cheap gifts that don’t get your prospects attention and fewer people are willing to share in return for additional entries.

#2… it’s a gift that people love and are willing to share with others so that you can get the viral effect. You get others sharing your giveaway and that builds your list, subscribers and followers. Note: you should still use paid traffic to amplify this strategy.

#3… The people that are sharing have identified themselves as someone who is interested in doing something about their health. You don’t know what level or step they are in but they’ve raised their hand. Now it’s your job to build the relationship with them to show how you can help.

Now let’s wrap this up.

Giveaway software definitely makes this job easier and streamlined for you. I personally use this software to set up my giveaways. It’s easy to set up… easy to use… it’s super affordable… and it keeps score for you. All you have to do is follow the prompts and share the link they give you. Then when the giveaway has ended you simple click a button and the software draws the winner for you. It even keeps track of people trying to “game” the giveaway and kicks them out. I’ve use a handful of different software and this one is hands down my favorite.

I will come back with another blog post with some really specific gifts to use as giveaways in particular niches to build an athlete practice… wellness practice or pediatric practice. You know… just the holy grail niches ;-).

If you have questions or need help with the software hit me up.