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The Perfect Chiropractic Ad Campaign Strategy

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That’s a pretty dang loaded title right there. Is there really such a thing as the perfect ad campaign strategy? Well nothing is perfect… but this is REALLY close.

And I know you’re curious about what it is because I get emails and Facebook messages all the time about with this very question. So let’s dig in.

And remember the one key word I’m really talking about right here… STRATEGY! The strategy is more important than the ad campaign or the ad network. And I’ll make mention of this right now so it’s out of the way. If you are ONLY running Facebook ads and putting all your eggs in one basket… you’re making a giant mistake.

Facebook can be a fantastic network to run ads on for your chiropractic office. But they are a changin’. Facebook is putting more attention back into their user experience. They want their users to enjoy being on the platform again without being inundated with ads. And because of this they’ve met their max ad load. That means they don’t want to cram more ads into your newsfeed/timeline because Facebook users are getting pissed.

So ad prices will go up and ad guidelines are getting more strict. ESPECIALLY in the healthcare field. You can’t say some of the things you used to say… they are censoring us.

So diversify. Look into Google Display Network (GDN) and YouTube. Drop a comment or shoot me an email if you want to know where to learn these ad networks from the pros that spend millions a month on them.

Sooo… back to this perfect strategy that works on any network you choose.

It starts with the first click or interaction with cold traffic. It can be a click on a Facebook ad, GDN ad, YouTube Ad etc. It can also be a like, comment, video view etc on a post. Right now my favorite is getting the click over to the website (primarily for GDN).

Once I get the click I send them to a well written piece of content that explains EVERYTHING about what they came for. For example… the ad might be “3 Foods That Trigger Migraines and Make Them Last Longer”. Then in that blog post I will explain exactly that… AND… I will go on and talk about how a subluxation can cause migraines and well and it may be the root cause. Then of course you offer your call to action to get them to call your office for an appointment.

And here’s one of the most common mistakes I see right now. People using the “squeeze page” to try and capture an email address in trade for the “3 secrets” ebook/report. It used be a lot greater value to have that email so you can follow up with your new prospect to try and get them to take action.

The cash is in the follow up right? Yes… and when I got started with direct response marketing I did it thru good old fashioned USPS mail. And it would still work today better than I see some people LOL. But today you have something called a “pixel”. And with this pixel you can follow up with your website/blog/report visitor with retargeting ads ALL OVER THE INTERNET.

And you can follow up in some really cool ways. That’s a topic for another post entirely so keep an eye on this blog.

So get the click to your valuable and 100% transparent piece of content that reveals everything they need to know and what they need to do next to solve their problem. And then follow up with retargeting.

And this is where I come in with click, engagement and video ads of social proof. There are two kinds of social proof that I like to use. #1… you and your patient in the view and they share their story about how bad they were when they came in… and how fantastic they are now. Pretty straight forward.

#2… Daily 1-2 minute treatment style videos that turn into a testimonial and social proof. It’s simply you checking and adjusting patients. You have a conversation about “Mary” while you’re working on her. “Hey it’s Dr. Uhrmacher here. I’m here with Mary. Mary first started coming in to see us for migraines. She struggled for about 6 years before find us for chiropractic care. She had tried medications and even had some injections in her neck to get rid of the pain. Some of those worked for a day or two but she kept getting migraines about 3x a month. When she came in we found a subluxation in her upper neck that was causing irritation of the nerves and causing the migraines. We started working on that area and it’s been quite awhile since she’s had a migraine. Do you know how long it’s been?”

Mary – “It’s been about 4 months”.

You – “That’s awesome to hear. So if you are struggling with migraines or headaches… or know someone that is… please give us a call to schedule your appointment.”

It’s that simple. And you record and publish AT LEAST ONE EVERY DAY!

Then you show those as retargeting ads to the people that clicked over to your initial post/report.

And that’s it. Get the click to great content… then retarget with social proof. You never know when someones “pain/why” becomes great enough that they will take action and call you. Everyone is different.

I will put together some future posts to go deeper on the content, retargeting, the offer and more.