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Why Your Facebook Ads Aren’t Working

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Chiropractors are spending 1,000’s and 1,000’s of dollars on Facebook ads and marketing. Yet the vast majority of conversations in chiropractic Facebook groups is “how can I get this ad to convert”.

So my question is… Is it really the ad? Or are you not following the rules of what it really takes to get a new patient to call and come into your office?

I’m going to say it’s the latter.

In a previous post I shared “The Perfect Chiropractic Ad Strategy”. And if you follow it you will have great success. But too many chiropractors think the ad strategy is a snapshot in time. You must take into account the entire buying/deciding process that your prospective patient goes through before making the decision to call you.

So here’s the process so you can see where you’re dropping the ball… because it’s not the prospect… and it’s certainly not “bad leads” which I’ve heard way to many times.

And keep in mind this is only a linear process and there’s no way I can paint the entire picture for you… but you’ll get the point and your process will improve. I’ll start with the process that someone may go through for something like back pain. Most people realize that chiropractic can help with back pain.

Prospect sees your back pain ad. If they have back pain it may catch their attention. If you’re doing a “$27 Coupon” they may even click on the ad. If you’re driving them to a piece of content “3 Ways To Overcome Back Pain Without Medications or Surgery” (which I recommend here)… they may click over to the content.

But maybe they have back pain that comes and goes and the day they see your ad their back pain is only a 2 out of 10 pain level. They’re not really motivated to click a link or take an offer. So you have to continue showing your ad to that person until they are at a higher pain level that drives them to take action. More pain… typically more action.

If someone is a 7 out of 10 pain level they are much more likely to click a link or take an offer.

So let’s say they’ve seen the ad… they’re motivated enough to click the link… they’ve read the content that explains the problem and solution… now what?

They may believe what you’ve written (or said in a video)… but they’re skeptical. Because you’re not the first person that has promised them back pain relief. Everyday the mainstream media shows them pain relief in the form of a lotion, potion or pill. Their medical doctor is prescribing something even stronger by pill or injection. And then there’s the recommendation for surgery to cut out their “problem.”

So why in the hell would they believe your nicely written article about chiropractic and back pain? What would make them see it and believe that you’re going to be different than all the other commercials and doctors that have lied to them to this point?

Now they research. Not so much the chiropractic part… but more the CHIROPRACTOR part.

They go online and start looking at your reviews across multiple platforms. They look at Facebook, Google, Yelp (like them or not), they ask their friends. They research you to see what other people are saying. They want something to prove you are a douche so that they don’t have to call you.

So you must build your reputation with great online reviews… and then you must market your reputation. If you’re not getting several new reviews online EVERY WEEK… you’re hurting yourself. Prospects want to see recent and relevant reviews.

So they clicked the ad… they read your article… they got skeptical… they researched YOU… now what?

Relationship and Social Proof!

If you really want to get in the game of Facebook ads and other paid advertising you have to think longer term. To many chiropractors quit way too early. We know the pain may go away temporarily but unless they correct the problem it will keep returning. So you need to keep showing up with your marketing until they take action.

You need to continue with online reviews and you need to keep showing up with the ongoing content that I mention in “The Perfect Chiropractic Ad Strategy”. You have to build your relationship with them over time and you have to show up when the say enough is enough. And everyone hits that point at a different time.

Simply employ this strategy with each niche you want to go after and you will never have a problem with new patients. And better yet… these new patients convert at a much higher level that coupon grabbers. They already know, like and trust you because of your marketing. They have seen you in action and they’re ready to commit.

It’s in your hands… what will you do with it?

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