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Part 2: Why Your Facebook Ads Aren’t Working

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Why Your Ads Aren’t Converting – Part 2

I recently wrote a post about why your Facebook and other online ads aren’t “converting” from clicks into customers. And as I go back thru the set up of my own ads I realize there’s something more that goes into the conversion process that the vast majority never even address.

So this probably should be part 1… but here we are. Read the rest of this post… then go back and read part 1 and you’ll be all set.

So outside of everything from the previous post… Why aren’t your ads converting?

You don’t understand your customer.

The vast majority of chiropractors understand the body and how it works. They understand how they address different pain issues in their office. They understand how to find subluxations and how to adjust (most really need more skills in this area but that’s for another day)

You even understand how to adapt your protocols when someone isn’t responding like you want. But you don’t really understand the patient when they are still a prospect and what they really want.

So you need to dig really deep into who your patient is… and what they really want.

And how do you do that?


Listen to what they are saying to you. When it comes to pain we all know they want to get out of pain. That’s the no brainer. But dig deeper into why they want to get out of pain.

One of my friends does a fantastic job with knee pain. And when I watch the video testimonials he produces I listen to what the patients say it starts to give you clues about what you can use in your marketing to really draw them in to see your message.

“I want to be able to dance again.”

“I want to be able to climb stairs without pain.”

“I want to be able to walk my dog around the block again.”

One women wanted to go on a cruise with her husband but he didn’t want to go unless she could walk around with him on the cruise and excursions. So she wanted out of pain so that she could walk normally and climb stairs.

Now take that and use that in your marketing. Ask your prospects what they really want and the talk about the things that they really want in your entire marketing message from ad to landing page to retargeting.

After you have your message dialed in to what they want… you need to focus on WHO wants it.

Most chiropractors (and their “marketers”) try to market their message to everyone. And keep in mind that when it comes to paid ads… Facebook, YouTube, Google, Twitter, Instagram, and every other platform shows your message to who you tell them to show it to. That’s their only job. It’s your job to tell them the right people and then of course it’s your job to convert them into appointments and paying patients.

So make sure you know EXACTLY who you want to talk to. Going back to the knee pain doc friend of mine. We only show his message to people that are over 40 years old. Sure there’s people under 40 that have knee pain… but after testing the audience we know that that HIGH percentage of people that schedule appointments and pay cash are over 40.

So take some time and put together a real good new patient avatar for EVERY niche that you market for. Don’t think that each one is the same. Start with one and test and get it converting. Now scale it and move on to another niche.

Drop a comment if you have questions.

And don’t forget to read the previous blog post if you haven’t already.