Dr. Chris Zaino on Patient Loyalty Management

Dr. Chris Zaino speaks to Dr. Brian Capra about Patient Loyalty Management using Genesis Chiropractic Software and Billing Precision. Dr. Chris Zaino relates how Genesis Chiropractic Software and [...]

Manage Your Day to Day Chiropractic Office Operations with Billing Precision

Make Sure Every Day at the Office is as Profitable as it Can Be As a chiropractor with a busy office you may find that you’re working very hard to make very little money. You’ve [...]

Genesis Chiropractic Software SOAP Notes

SOAP notes: Love them or hate them, they’re necessary to document your patient’s visit, prove the treatment services rendered and ultimately get paid by the insurance companies. The [...]

Chiropractic Doctors Find the Billing Software They’ve Been Looking For

Total Office Management Software Billing software for Chiropractors is about more than simply billing. If simple invoicing were all that was required by a busy chiropractic office, then [...]

Chiropractic Billing Software Solutions For Your Practice

If you’re a chiropractor that is in a joint practice or that has various offices, you may find it difficult to track important billing information. Reports on a patient may be accessible [...]

The Leading Chiropractic Office Profitability Management Solution for Doctors

For those who run a chiropractic practice, Billing Precision offers comprehensive billing services that increase efficiency and profitability on many levels. Utilizing the online service, [...]

Chiropractic Billing Precision Offers a Solution for Your Practice Needs

Dr. Brian Capra created Billing Precision from his experience as a chiropractor. From that experience, he developed an all-in-one billing system that is web-based. The billing platform makes [...]

Chiropractors: Find the SOAP Solutions You’ve Been Looking For!

Too often health care professionals when meeting with patients take sketchy SOAP notes or they may not take them at all, deciding they will make them later in the day. Then the health insurance [...]

SOAP Note Solutions for Chiropractors – Billing Precision

SOAP note Solutions for Chiropractors and other medical professionals is built into Genesis Chiropractic Software. How fast can you create a note following a patient visit? Do you spend a lot of [...]

Chiropractic Office Profitability – Billing Precision

Profitability: The only reason to stay in business is if your office is profitable or not. Dr. Brian Capra discusses Chiropractic Office Profitability and how it’s affected by Insurance [...]

Chiropractic Billing Company Increases Insurance Reimbursement for Doctors

For years, chiropractors have had to battle insurance companies over payments, audits and fines. Billing Precision co-founder Doctor Brian Capra has developed a system that has dramatically [...]

Chiropractic SOAP Notes Provider Helps Doctors Prevent Insurance Audits

Billing Precision Lives Up to Its Name When it comes to chiropractic billing accuracy is essential. Incomplete or inaccurate SOAP notes can lead to a doctor having to refund thousands of dollars [...]

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