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Chiropractic SOAP Notes Provider Helps Doctors Prevent Insurance Audits

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Billing Precision Lives Up to Its Name

When it comes to chiropractic billing accuracy is essential. Incomplete or inaccurate SOAP notes can lead to a doctor having to refund thousands of dollars of medical reimbursements to payers. That is, the health insurance agencies.

SOAP notes (SOAP stands for Subjective, Objective, Assessment and Plan) are a central aspect of the patient documentation process and the workflow as chiropractors share the information with personnel within their office, including schedulers and billing, health care professionals outside of the office and other agencies and organizations as is appropriate.

Exactness is Important

The SOAP notes software from Billing Precision addresses insurance issues before they ever become issues. In other words, the notes are setup in such as way that chiropractors are able to fill them out in a matter of seconds in the presence of patients. This helps to ensure accuracy in many ways.

First, the ability to take notes immediately means that chiropractors are able to document a patient’s condition with accuracy benefits the patient in their treatment and the practice workflow enabling patient appointment scheduling, the effective creation of notes and timely medical billing. The software makes it easy for a chiropractor to send notes to others via the Internet and storage and access if immediate.

The Dreaded Audit

If there’s one aspect of chiropractic billing that a doctor dreads it is the insurance company audit. Audits occur when a company questions a chiropractor’s bill. For every dollar an insurance company spends on an audit, they make an average of approximately $13.00 That 13:1 ratio is a big payoff for the insurance companies and a major hit for chiropractors if they are unable to backup a patient’s treatment with clear, succinct notes.

That’s when something like the software driven SOAP notes are indispensible. They work wonders in keeping a chiropractor organized, giving them and their staff the ability to access and use their notes at any time.

Taking Care of Business

Chiropractic billing, scheduling and follow up are all made easy with Billing Precision’s SOAP notes. When a payer requests notes rather than offering an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) or payment, it can be handled quickly. With Billing Precision, chiropractors can create their notes with two to three screen touches, can integrate their bill, insurance claim and care plan records with ease and save money and time, reinvesting them into their practice.

Keeping the Workflow Going

The income, scheduling and virtual paper stream are uninterrupted with a specialized software notes program. For chiropractic billing, there’s no easier way to keep their business organized. Fully integrated SOAP notes is one way that chiropractors have found to improve productivity and cash flow and to prevent insurance audits.

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