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Chiropractic Practice Management Group Helps Doctors Outsource Their Billing

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Coordinating Chiropractic Practice Management and Insurance Billing is Essential

For years it has been exceptionally burdensome for chiropractors and other health care providers to handle billing effectively and economically. That side, the part that involves the business aspect, has taken a large number of resources, time and money to manage.

Outsourcing chiropractic billing has become one option that many doctors have found to be helpful. Companies such as Billing Precision, which focus on helping chiropractors manage their practice, increase their productivity and earn more money, have discovered a new way to outsource that is groundbreaking.

A Billing Methodology

In creating a system for outsourcing that works, as it is with solving any problem, companies such as Billing Precision must first identify the problem and it’s source. Although it may be common to blame the insurance companies for problems related to claims that remain unpaid or are rejected, the fact is when it comes to chiropractic billing there are various places where the process breaks down and they are often connected with what the doctor’s office is doing.

For years within the field, billing problems that originated with either the process, effort or attitude of the doctor’s office seemed endemic and needed to be cured. The specific problems being experienced by health care providers that were generated by their offices included insurance companies increasing denial rates, an ignoring of appeals and an auditing of medical notes that that resulted in requests for refunds and fines.

When traced back to the chiropractor it was found that the medical office lacked a consistent and integrated billing methodology, used a billing service that did not follow through and did not identify reasons as to why their claims and bills were underpaid.

Coordinated and Integrated

Using the power of the Internet and computer to create a truly coordinated effort made the most sense. With that idea in mind, Billing Precision was able to develop a Web-based chiropractic practice management solution that included a highly automated and integrated system.

In creating a system that would work for the provider, the company had to first understand the system being used by the payer. It is a system that would rather pay the provider less than more, that likes to hold onto provider cash and that would rather not pay at all. Knowing that, a software had to be developed that would conform to demands made by the insurance companies and a billing service had to be developed that the provider could easily maximize and that would integrate with outsourcing.

Results Oriented

With a commitment to being results oriented, the new billing system focused on reducing and eliminating as much as possible five primary strategies used by insurance companies. The insurance companies:

1. Created complexity and use new reasons for claim denials, which would increase doctor’s billing service costs.

2. Worked towards reducing fees allowed.

3. Consolidated the insurance industry to give them heightened leverage.

4. Underpaid claims as much as possible.

5. Returned claims for after-payment audits, which would result in a demand for refund and an imposing of fines.

The decision to create a results oriented billing system with coordinated outsourcing defines exactly what a successful chiropractic practice management group like Billing Precision had to do to help remove the veil of contradictions and confusion with which practitioners were dealing.

Increased Productivity

The area of specialist in medical management and billing has been redefined by companies like Billing Precision. Making the medical practitioner’s job more productive by offering a real solution to a challenging problem. As the industry continues to develop and change, chiropractic practice management software and outsource providers will need to alter their programs and services in order to stay competitive.

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