Chiropractic Billing Software – Billing Precision

Erez Lirov, CTO created the chiropractic billing software that our Billing Precision clients love. With over a decade of proven results and constant improvements it’s a very mature software [...]

Billing Services for Chiropractors – Billing Precision

Billing Precision provided billing services for Chiropractors initially, but now the software works for other medical professionals as well. Learn about our Billing Services Learn about the [...]

Chiropractic Practice Management Group Helps Doctors Outsource Their Billing

Coordinating Chiropractic Practice Management and Insurance Billing is Essential For years it has been exceptionally burdensome for chiropractors and other health care providers to handle billing [...]

Chiropractic Billing Software from Billing Precision

The Genesis Chiropractic Billing Software was made by a Chiropractor for Chiropractors. Billing Precision and Dr. Brian Capra have invented Chiropractic Billing Software that also helps [...]

Is Your Billing CA Running You?

by Erez Lirov She pulled the X-ray from the viewbox and shook her head in disgust. One more time, and it’s over, she thought. One more personal call, one more rude comment to a patient, one [...]