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Profitability: The only reason to stay in business is if your office is profitable or not. Dr. Brian Capra discusses Chiropractic Office Profitability and how it’s affected by Insurance [...]

Chiropractic Billing Software – Billing Precision

Erez Lirov, CTO created the chiropractic billing software that our Billing Precision clients love. With over a decade of proven results and constant improvements it’s a very mature software [...]

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Billing Precision and Dr. Brian Capra have new software solutions for Chiropractic Billing. View the video for more. Read more about Chiropractic Billing Software. Learn about how using Genesis [...]

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Scheduling:  Billing Precision’s Chiropractic Billing Software provides every tool needed by your Chiropractic Office to succeed.  One feature is the Schedule which many doctors have [...]

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Chiropractic Office Management is a subject that we love. Our built-in tools will automate many tasks that slip through the memory cracks of office staff. Our Chiropractic Billing Software has [...]

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Introducing the most extensive all-in-one chiropractic billing software that brings automation to your patients, insurance claims and office staff. Now, there’s an All-in-one Chiropractic [...]

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Chiropractic Software makes Practice Management easy. How? With built-in tools that turn data into at-a-glance numbers and graphs that enable fast recognition of each day’s business. A [...]

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Billing Precision provided billing services for Chiropractors initially, but now the software works for other medical professionals as well. Learn about our Billing Services Learn about the [...]