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Chiropractic Billing Software from Billing Precision

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The Genesis Chiropractic Billing Software was made by a Chiropractor for Chiropractors.

Billing Precision and Dr. Brian Capra have invented Chiropractic Billing Software that also helps Chiropractors manage their practices from top to bottom. The practice management features a task management system so your staff never looks for work to do. The software finds the work needing to be done and it assigns the task to the right person to handle it. View the video for more information.

The Chiropractic Billing Software has been re-branded as Genesis Chiropractic Software.

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Learn how users of Genesis Chiropractic Software will increase their practice revenue.

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Chiropractic SoftwareDr.Brian Capra - Founder of Genesis Chiropractic Software and Practice Management