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Billing Precision Voted the Leader in Chiropractic Billing Software

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Billing Precision has created a chiropractic billing software that has revolutionized the manner in which chiropractors run their business, increasing payments, offering more efficient use of office time and ensuring doctors have fewer unbillable hours due to patient no-shows. Co-founder of Billing Precision, Doctor Brian Capra, has developed a system that is winning praise from chiropractors around the country.

Dumont, New Jersey, July 5, 2011Billing Precision co-founder Doctor Brian Capra has worked with his partners to revolutionize chiropractic billing software. Capra, a chiropractor himself who still maintains his practice in New Jersey, intimately understands the challenges that practices face when it comes to billing. The software and system he has developed has been voted the leader by chiropractors across the country.

“The chiropractor faces various complex challenges that are related to billing,” notes Capra. “The tip of the iceberg involves patient billing and record keeping with the wealth of the time consuming work revolving around enabling insurance company payments and reducing patient no-shows. Both of these aspects of billing and scheduling can greatly reduce the productivity and viability of a practice.”

The integrative nature of Billing Precision’s chiropractic billing software is extremely effective. The web-based program is an all-in-one Internet-based system that includes accountable and transparent billing services, state-of-art touch-screen SOAP notes, advanced patient scheduling, and real-time monitoring for compliance and audit exposure. By covering all bases related to chiropractic management, Billing Precision has become the favorite of busy chiropractic offices. The software has been re-branded as Genesis Chiropractic Software.

“An example of what we’ve done,” says Capra, “is the manner in which we’ve fully integrated the all-important aspect of SOAP notes. These notes are essential in tracking a patient’s health needs and progress. But they are also exceptionally important when it comes to securing payments from insurance companies and dealing with audits. We’ve totally automated SOAP notes, utilizing a state of the art touch screen that makes note taking fast and efficient. In a matter of seconds, a chiropractor can create a record of his appointment while with the patient. It saves times, protects against audits and fully integrates with all aspects of management and billing.”

The company offers an integrated program that includes a highly interactive scheduler, SOAP Notes (which stands for Subjective, Objective, Assessment, Plan), EMR Documentation (Electronic Medical Records) and outsource billing services. Focused on a network solution, Billing Precision has developed methods and systems that allow for the highest level of collaboration among all elements of the management and billing process, creating a product that is total and complete.

Dr. Capra, whose degree is from Life University, has extensive practice management experience, seeing from 100 to 1,500 patient visits per week. He has also taken an integral part in the shaping of the service processes and automation requirements for Billing Precision to increase billing efficiency and overall practice profitability.

He has written numerous articles as well as given many lectures on the subjects of practice management, compliance, and billing. Dr. Capra also wrote the foreword for the book Practice Profitability—Billing Network Effect for Revenue Cycle Management. This book sets the methodological foundation for the Billing Precision solution, explains the rules of the modern “payer-provider conflict,” and shows how to apply and manage winning Internet strategies, such as the “network effect,” to level the playing field with the payers.

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