Chiropractic Billing Secrets – Tactic #1 – What Insurance Companies Don’t Want You to Know

Strategy Review In most cases insurance companies have 45 days to process the claim once they receive it. Key words, process, and receive.  Remember, they make up to 50% of their profit from [...]

Chiropractic Billing Network Effect

Looking at the landscape of the chiropractic practice management, we see a playing field tipped to benefit the payers and hurt physicians. By increasing billing costs, underpaying claims and [...]

Chiropractic Marketing – Top 5 Mistakes with Fred Lardaro – Metro Marketing

Dr. Brian Capra:  Okay, everyone thank you very much for joining me again, this is Dr. Brian Capra from Billing Precision. Today, I have Mr. Fred Lardaro from Metro Marketing.  Metro Marketing is [...]

Is Your Billing CA Running You?

by Erez Lirov She pulled the X-ray from the viewbox and shook her head in disgust. One more time, and it’s over, she thought. One more personal call, one more rude comment to a patient, one [...]

Cash Practice and Chiropractic Billing Precision Integration Webinar

Dr. Brian Capra: Hello, this is Dr. Brian Capra with Billing Precision. Today I’m really excited to talk to you about one of our best integration ever with another software and that’s with Cash [...]

Billing Network – Accountability and Support – Part 2

by Erez Lirov Workbench and Accountability Once the staff is committed, they must be actively managed and made accountable. One way that a Billing Network can ensure staff accountability is to [...]