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Chiropractic Billing Company Increases Insurance Reimbursement for Doctors

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For years, chiropractors have had to battle insurance companies over payments, audits and fines. Billing Precision co-founder Doctor Brian Capra has developed a system that has dramatically increased insurance reimbursements for doctors.

Dumont, New Jersey, July 5, 2011 — Doctor Brian Capra, the co-founder of Billing Precision, has developed a chiropractic billing and management system that has dramatically increased insurance reimbursements for doctors. The highly integrated, web-based system allows for the total communication between all business aspects of a practice.

“One area,” observes Capra, “that has caused problems for many chiropractors and other health care providers is in the creation of SOAP notes. SOAP, which is an acronym for Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan, are notes used by doctors to document patient maladies, including treatment. They are often requested by insurance companies and if a doctor has not kept accurate notes, they can end up either not being paid by the company or having to return payments. This is a major problem for chiropractors who have busy schedules and a large number of patients.”

SOAP notes takes seconds to use and includes the ability to complete notes with just three touches of the computer screen. The notes become part of the patient’s Electronic Medical Record and can be used by the chiropractor within their office and with billing services and insurance companies.

“What I discovered through my own experience,” says Dr. Capra, “is that insurance companies are focused on denying claims and auditing doctors who they see as being vulnerable to audits. SOAP notes, because they are so specific and complete, circumvent that strategy.” Dr. Capra adds, “By correcting processes connected to billing that chiropractors tend to overlook, Precision Billing has eliminated that vulnerability that often plagues chiropractors.”

Billing Precision offers a complete system that includes programmable reminders, Point of Service alerts for co-pays, unpaid balances and referrals and simple and clear color-coded identification methods for types of appointments. Also included is the ability to schedule from various sites and for numerous providers, detailed reports related to all scheduling aspects, including daily schedules, load reports, missed appointments, free time, canceled appointments and the integration of patient demographics, billing and Electronic Medical Records documentation.

Dr. Capra, whose degree is from Life University, has extensive practice management experience, seeing from 100 to 1,500 patient visits per week. He has also taken an integral part in the shaping of the service processes and automation requirements for Billing Precision to increase billing efficiency and overall practice profitability.

He has written numerous articles as well as given many lectures on the subjects of practice management, compliance, and billing. Dr. Capra also wrote the foreword for the book Practice Profitability—Billing Network Effect for Revenue Cycle Management. This book sets the methodological foundation for the Billing Precision solution, explains the rules of the modern “payer-provider conflict,” and shows how to apply and manage winning Internet strategies, such as the “network effect,” to level the playing field with the payers.

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