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Chiropractors: Find the SOAP Solutions You’ve Been Looking For!

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Too often health care professionals when meeting with patients take sketchy SOAP notes or they may not take them at all, deciding they will make them later in the day. Then the health insurance audit occurs and when the doctor is unable to substantiate the claim, they may lose hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Unable to defend the audit, the doctor is audited even more and they lose even more revenue.

SOAP Notes Needed

In healthcare, these are the standard for substantiating a patient’s visit and treatment. SOAP stands for Subjective, Objective, Assessment and Plan. With each patient visit, the chiropractor fills in each of the four areas. Together these areas include an evaluation of the patient on both a subjective and objective level, an assessment of their condition and a plan or outline for treatment.

Seconds Save Thousands

The chiropractic billing software from Billing Precision includes SOAP notes that may be filled out quickly on your laptop when meeting with a patient. This means that you’ll always have the backup required by health insurance agencies. This virtually assures you that a claim will not be rejected. Additionally, once an insurance agency knows that you possess the proper documentation there is less of a chance that you’ll be audited again.

Each area of your these can be instantly accessed and quickly filled in. Once created, the record is incorporated into each and every aspect of your patient’s file, making it easy to access and share the notes when needed. They may also be easily updated.

Web Based Software

Web based chiropractic billing software will give you the ability to connect with health insurance providers and allow them to gain easy access to your these notes. This will facilitate all paperwork, speed up processing and encourage more timely payments.

Accurate and Thorough

SOAP notes from Billing Precision offer the kind of solution that’s needed today. Highly automated, detailed and conforming to industry standards, these SOAP notes offer chiropractors an ultra-simple solution that they can use to boost their profits and cut down on the amount of labor they must put in. The result is a practice that is functioning at peak efficiency.

No Paper Needed

With no paper needed and files kept securely and easily, chiropractic billing software such as that from Billing Precision offers solid solutions when it comes to SOAP notes. This software is totally integrated, which means that the SOAP notes are not an isolated feature. This is an aspect that makes this chiropractic billing software exceptionally valuable to your practice.

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