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Genesis Chiropractic Software SOAP Notes

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SOAP notes: Love them or hate them, they’re necessary to document your patient’s visit, prove the treatment services rendered and ultimately get paid by the insurance companies.

The chiropractic SOAP notes provided in the Genesis Chiropractic Software level the playing field with the insurance companies. The required documentation can be completed in 30 seconds once you’re familiar with the interface.  The interface lets you know if somethings wrong with it before you sign off on the claim and send it to the built-in claim scrubbers. The claims are then checked against a million insurance rules to ensure that the submitted claims will be paid and not rejected for a small reason like missing demographic information.

Genesis Chiropractic Software provides you with compliant documentation.

Learn more about built-in compliance tools and eliminate worry.

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Increase your billing collections with Billing Precision's Network Effect.Genesis Chiropractic Software incorporates metrics on a graph to prove effective billing solution