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For those who run a chiropractic practice, Billing Precision offers comprehensive billing services that increase efficiency and profitability on many levels. Utilizing the online service, chiropractors are able to create SOAP notes that stand up to any and all insurance audits, coordinate all aspects of their practice and drastically reduce no shows, which are a drain on their profit stream. Earnings increase, staff time is used more efficiency and the practice functions in a more organized manner when this chiropractic billing software is employed.

Compliant SOAP Notes

Clear, concise SOAP notes are essential if a practice is going to survive insurance audits. Once you establish the reliability of your notes and pass an audit, your practice will be confident if audited again. SOAP notes done through Billing Precision are easy to fill out (it takes seconds) and they provide doctors with an accurate picture of each aspect of their exam and observations. These notes are easily stored and accessed.

Billing Precision SOAP notes are designed to be compliant with insurance regulations and because they are supported online, they are always up-to-date when laws change. This feature can increase profitability by thousands of dollars each month and save staff and practitioners a wealth of time.

Office Staff, Exam Room and Billing

The chiropractic billing software from Billing Precision ably coordinates a practice’s scheduling and reception area, exam room activities and billing services. It also gives chiropractors various options such as the ability to outsource invoicing to Billing Precision.

Each aspect of Billing Precision’s software is adaptable and easy to learn. Thus, you can schedule appointments, submit insurance claims and track patients with the click of a mouse.

No Shows No More

Along with insurance audits another aspect of the healthcare industry that reduces profits are no shows and appointments that cannot be billed. Billing Precision is designed to drastically reduce no shows with its automated patient reminder system. This aspect of this premiere chiropractic billing service is highly configurable and offers scheduling information in an easy to read, color coded system.

The average chiropractic practice averages a no show rate of 30%. With 300 patients per week, that would be 90 missed appointments. With that type of no show average, a practice stands to lose thousands each month. With an integrated, automated online system such as Billing Precision over five years a chiropractor can save hundreds of thousands of dollars.


The all-in-one approach that Billing Precision has taken in designing and implementing its online chiropractic billing software gives doctors a real edge when it comes to realizing more profit. Utilizing an online service that is constantly updated to conform with federal regulations and that provides practitioners with flexibility translates into more money on the plus side of the ledger and a more efficient and productive use of time by doctors and staff members.

Billing Precison’s all-in-one product was named Genesis Chiropractic Software and this blog is part of the website.

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