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Chiropractic Billing Precision Offers a Solution for Your Practice Needs

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Dr. Brian Capra created Billing Precision from his experience as a chiropractor. From that experience, he developed an all-in-one billing system that is web-based. The billing platform makes invoicing, scheduling appointments and insurance claim submissions easy. Billing Precision offers solutions to the needs of each chiropractic practice.

(Press Release) October 25, 2011 – Dr. Brian Capra understands Billing Precision ( on numerous levels. His practice management experience is extensive and varied as he has seen anywhere from 100 to 1,500 patients per week. He has firsthand experience in managing a chiropractic practice and he’s taken that experience to create Billing Precision, which is dedicated to providing a total office management solution for chiropractors in order to increase their profitability.

“Running an office and billing is more than a full time job, ” says Capra. “Or at least it used to be. Billing precision is web-based chiropractic billing software that greatly reduces the effort and time needed to smoothly run a practice. It makes record keeping easy, paperwork simple and patient scheduling as efficient as can be. My point in helping to develop this product was to make life a lot easier for chiropractors than it had been and to ensure that they could not only survive but boost their profits by making every aspect of their business as seamless as possible.”

With that in mind, Billing Precision was developed and created. The Internet-based program allows chiropractors and their office personnel to manage every part of their business with a system that is easy to access, adaptable and totally integrated. From SOAP notes, which doctors use to detail each patient’s condition, their diagnosis and treatment, to appointment reminders, Billing Precision offers a solution to every office management challenge.

“Underneath, in the programming process, this is a highly complex program,” says Capra. “But,” he adds, “from the user perspective it is easy to learn and simple to use. Billing Precision is devoted to making life easier for chiropractors and their staff in each and every manner. Out patient reminder feature is totally automated and it is a great tool that drastically cuts down on no shows, making a practice more productive and profitable.”

Plus, because it is web-based, Billing Precision is always up-to-date when it comes to insurance regulations. Thus, when the laws change the program is updated to reflect those changes. Also, the software makes it easy for chiropractors to share information when insurance providers make requests. This makes answering insurance audit requests easy, speeding up the auditing process. Plus, the system’s SOAP notes comply with industry standards, helping to ensure a positive outcome when an audit is undertaken.

The web-based system was re-branded as Genesis Chiropractic Software and you’re on the blog of the website.

Using Genesis in your practice will increase your practice revenue.

Using Genesis will increase your documentation compliance.

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