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Billing Precision Offers Online Practice Management Solution

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(Press Release) October 24, 2011 – Dr. Brian Capra developed the online software and service Billing Precision in order to provide a complete solution to the various management challenges that often occupy a chiropractor’s office, making it difficult for the practice to function efficiently and turn a healthy profit. His extensive experience as a chiropractor made it easy for him to identify the numerous challenges related to effectively delivering healthcare and to develop solutions.

“Too often a chiropractor spends too much time chasing lost profits or trying to deal with insurance companies rather than attending to their patients and the growth of their practice,” says Dr. Capra. “Billing Precision was developed from various frustrations and problems that first plagued me when I started my practice. It was fairly apparent very quickly that no one was offering solutions. There were simply fill-in-the-blank programs for scheduling and inadequate resources for effective management.”

With various challenges in front of him, Dr. Capra helped to develop groundbreaking web-based software that would become Billing Precision. Now his company offers a program that has a solid foundation and yet is also easily adaptable. Each and every part of practice management is addressed through Billing Precision, including all aspects of patient scheduling and billing; insurance compliance, submissions and payments and statistics related to the effective performance of the chiropractor’s office.

Dr. Capra observes, “We’re focused on providing solutions right now, that’s true; but Billing Precision is also devoted to making sure our chiropractic billing software is also focused on compliance issues.” Also, he adds, “We’re constantly looking towards the future in order to make sure that as the industry changes we change with it too. That’s what makes us so valuable-our approach is about both the here and now and the future.”

With the constantly changing landscape of healthcare and various forces shaping it, a web-based program that keeps track of developments and incorporates them is essential for any practitioner who wants to stay current. That foresight is what has helped establish Billing Precision as the solution for the management needs of the chiropractic industry.

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