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Revenue: Workflow Dictates the Money

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How Do You Track Unpaid Insurance Claims in Your Chiropractic Practice?

Chiropractic Practices rely on separate reports to keep track of Insurance Claims that are either paid, rejected or unprocessed. Are all of your claims being paid as they should be?  How do you detect if the insurance companies are deliberately underpaying your claims?

Imagine never using a report to find out which claims are paid and which are not. Imagine a tool that tells your billing staff exactly which claim is unpaid and for what reason. Imagine that this process was automatic. Imagine 100% follow-up with every insurance claim. Imagine the increased revenue for your Chiropractic Practice when you correct and submit every insurance claim.

Well, imagine no more. The tool is called Genesis Workflow and you can learn about it in this 18 minute webinar. It will be time well spent.

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Genesis Chiropractic Software Workflow is your key to success.

Use Genesis to Optimize your practice workflow.

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