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The Three Components of Business – People, Processes, & Technology

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Chiropractic processes are improved with Genesis.dWe’ve talked a lot about managing a practice and creating a successful patient experience.  We’ve also demonstrated how we can operate our practices in the same manner as Big Business runs their operations to be more effective, thereby increasing our bottom line, decreasing no-shows, and achieving higher patient retention.  Now, we’re going to go over how this all comes together in your daily practice through the three components of business – people, processes and technology.

  1. People – The people, i.e. your staff, are the first component of any business.  You have to be able to answer the questions of “Who are the people I can rely on?” and “What are their strengths and weaknesses?”.  Once you have answered these questions you will be able to assign responsibilities to each staff member that will ensure the most effective operation of your practice.
  2. Processes – Your “Processes” section will be extensive.  This is where you need to have every task to complete a successful day broken down into simple steps.  Imagine a new patient comes into your office.  What actually has to happen?  What do you say to them?  What paperwork do they have to fill out?  What different options will you present to them?  Every single step has to be documented.

This is where big businesses like the Ritz-Carlton really set itself apart by creating an unrivaled experience.  You can too, if you are diligent about your processes.  We talked before about how just to make the bed at the Ritz-Carlton, the housekeeper has to complete over 30 steps on their checklist.  The process is broken down into these tasks to make sure that every bed is perfect, every time.  By simplifying your processes into each of the component steps needed to achieve perfection, you can manage your patient experience at the highest possible level.

  1. Technology – The final component of business that brings it all together is technology.  Without proactive software capable of finding the tasks needed to be completed and assigning them to a staff member, companies like Amazon and Zappos would not be known as the leaders of the customer experience that they are today.  Thanks to the technology they employ, the Ritz-Carlton can keep track of each and every preference of their guests, down to how they like their steak cooked.  They know you are coming and know your name before you even step out of your car.  Without their technology, achieving their “Gold Standards” would be much more difficult, less scalable, and harder to track for the Ritz-Carlton

The technology component of business is vital to bring the people and process parts of the business together.  It automates the tasks and makes it simple for the people in your business to follow the steps you have created.  And, it makes following the three rules of managing a business or team effectively that we talked about last time achievable, through processes of quantifying, delegating, and verifying.

People, processes, and technology…these three components of business must function together at the highest possible level for you to create the best patient experience possible.  When you have the right staff members assigned to the tasks that best suit them and each part of your processes broken down into the number of tasks needed to complete them successfully, you have started on the right track.  Adding in the final component, a proactive technology, brings it all together and manages the tasks of quantifying, delegating, and verifying.  Now, there is no limit to the success of your practice.  Don’t miss our next post where we’re going to talk about how to start the journey of creating both your dream practice and your dream life.

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