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It’s About Time to Automate Your Chiropractic Practice Workflow

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chiropractic workflow is built into Genesis Chiropractic SoftwareChiropractic Practice Workflow is foundational to getting back to the basics of Chiropractic…how it began, how and why it works for our patients, and how to educate our patients to turn them into patients for life.  Today, I want to talk about what you can do today in your practice that will help you, your staff, and your patients.  I want to talk about how you can use the technology that is available to you to automate your Chiropractic practice workflow to grow your practice revenue, increase patient retention, and boost visit compliance.

You can use the technology that is available to you to automate your Chiropractic practice workflow to grow your practice revenue, increase patient retention, and boost visit compliance.

There are quite a few chiropractic practice management software platforms on the market that are targeted for Chiropractors.  However, with many of them, they leave you not much better off than our predecessors were, using only a paper-based filing system.  They leave you to memory manage all of your tasks and search stacks of reports at the end of the day to try to determine where any problems might be in your practice.

A far better choice is a Chiropractic practice management software platform that is proactive and allows you to automate your practice management.  That is why we developed the Genesis Chiropractic Software platform.  Genesis is built on top of a Chiropractic workflow architecture to allow you to automate the majority of your chiropractic practice management tasks.  

It proactively generates tasks for each staff member, including the Chiropractor, to ensure that every task needed to ensure a successful day is not only completed but completed by the best person for that particular task.  This task generation promotes teamwork and develops better patient communication and relationships.  It also increases patient retention by making sure that patients always receive the same level of outstanding care at the right time.  

Visit compliance also increases when you use a proactive Chiropractic software platform, like Genesis.  Genesis ensures that you know immediately when your practice is at risk for losing a patient by checking over 21 million rules against your practice’s actions in real time.  This means that you can act immediately to retain your patients and immediate action is often the difference between a patient that continues care and refers other patients and a patient that drops off, never to be seen again in your practice.

Increased patient retention and visit compliance translates into a higher revenue for your practice, making the benefits of using this platform hard to ignore.  And, to boost that revenue even more, Genesis automates your billing while increasing collections.  

While it is about time to get back to the roots of Chiropractic in many ways, there are some areas where we have to move forward.  The most important of these is by automating our Chiropractic practice workflow using a proactive software platform, like Genesis software.  With this technology, we can improve our practices for ourselves and our patients, achieving increased revenue and peace of mind while making sure that our patients receive the optimal level of care that they deserve.  It’s about time that we embrace the future and use the technology available to us to perfect our practice’s workflow.

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