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It’s About Time to Make More Money in Your Chiropractic Practice

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make more money with Genesis Chiropractic SoftwareAre you making enough money in your Chiropractic practice? Enough to pay your overhead, your staff, and yourself? Are you making enough to build the type of future that you and your family deserve? Or, are you just making ends meet or struggling each month on the hamster wheel of trying to bring in new patients to replace the ones that have gone inactive? Don’t you think that it is about time that you made more money in your practice?

So many times when we talk about how to generate more revenue in a Chiropractic practice, we get one of two responses. The first response we see is the one of, “I didn’t go into Chiropractic for the money. I went into it to help people.” I have one answer for this and of course you went into Chiropractic to help people. If not, you would not be a good doctor. However, that does not mean that you shouldn’t make a good, even great income. Helping people does not mean not helping yourself.

“I didn’t go into Chiropractic for the money. I went into it to help people.”

My second answer to that is that if we don’t make enough in our own practices, what will ever encourage others to become Chiropractors themselves. To ensure the future of generations of Chiropractors to come, we have to show that we are a viable profession financially.

The second response we receive from Chiropractors when we talk about generating more revenue is, “How do I get more patients to drive this revenue.” And, that is the response that I love to answer because the answer is so simple that most of the time it is completely overlooked. The answer is that you don’t need more patients to increase the income of your practice, you just need to better manage the patients that you already have.

That said, how do you achieve it? It is actually easier than you may think. One simple switch can help you to better manage every task of every day, each interaction you have with your patients, encourage patient compliance, drive revenue, and create patients for life. The answer is to use a proactive Chiropractic software, like Genesis Chiropractic software that we developed for my own practice. Stop memory-managing your office and instead ensure that every patient is receiving the optimum level of care possible, not just with your adjustments but with how their appointments are made, how their billing is handled, how your staff follows up with every detail needed to show that patient that they are valued.

Once you do this, you will be surprised at how quickly the income of your practice rises with fewer management and staff hours.

Once you do this, you will be surprised at how quickly the income of your practice rises with fewer management and staff hours. When you know that your claims are clean, when every claim is filed on time and followed up with right when needed, when every patient is scheduled for appropriate visits and re-exams, and when you can intervene to prevent a patient from dropping off of care the second a warning sign is seen, the revenue in your office goes up dramatically.

You no longer have to spend your time and your budget trying to recruit new patients. Instead, you are leveraging the patient pool you already have. Even better, this also benefits your patients by ensuring that they receive the best care possible and maximizing the possibility that they will continue care both to maximum medical improvement as well as through maintenance. That is the key to making more money in your Chiropractic practice and getting off the hamster wheel of patient attrition. Isn’t it about time to make the change to a Chiropractic software that can help you boost the revenue of your practice along with the care you give your patients?

Make more money in your practice with Genesis Chiropractic Software.

Increase collections in your chiropractic practice.

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