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The Power of Proactive Technology In Practice

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proactive technologyLast time, we talked about the pitfalls of using a reactive system to manage your Chiropractic office.  We illustrated how a reactive technology is inefficient in managing the patient experience..  We also talked about how using such a reactive technology is viewing your office through an antiquated paradigm, similar to how patients view their health prior to discovering the power of Chiropractic.

These patients would never believe the amazing effects Chiropractic can have on their health and their lives until they look at it from a new paradigm.  In the same way, if you are currently using a reactive system, you may not be able to see how just changing the software you use to run your office can result in dramatically improved management of the patient experiences, with 62% higher collections per visit, 26% better patient retention, and 32% higher documentation compliance.

Increase retention, revenue and complianceBy taking a reactive system and shifting it to a new paradigm, a proactive technology, management of daily tasks becomes easier, more effective, and more transparent.  With a proactive technology, all of the tasks to complete a successful day are automatically discovered by the artificial intelligence in the software, assigned to the appropriate staff member, and you can easily see whether all the tasks of the day have been completed or not, all in one report.  We call this single-metric management.  The total number of tasks in motion across your entire staff at any given moment.

Once a task is assigned to a staff member, that person owns the task and anywhere there is internet access, you can log in a see the number of tasks each person owns.  This builds both accountability and teamwork. You know immediately if someone is falling behind in their tasks and needs assistance.  Is that person just not suited to this specific task?  Are they overwhelmed?  Do they need training? Are you understaffed?  With a proactive system, you can see the issues in real-time, make educated decisions and adjust as needed.

By making sure that each task is assigned to the most qualified staff member and knowing whether or not they have been completed, it takes the guesswork out of management, fosters teamwork, and saves countless hours wasted digging through reports.  It makes sure that everything that needs to be done is done on time and by the person who can do it most effectively.  Every aspect of running a practice is completed at the highest level of efficiency.  With a new proactive paradigm like that, those incredible increases in profits, retention, and compliance, the proven results I mentioned earlier, become more readily understandable.

Shifting from a reactive system to a proactive technology is a simple step that leads to powerful results.  Next time, we are going to discover how changing your paradigm and implementing a proactive technology makes management exponentially easier by adhering to the three rules of managing a business or a team – quantify, delegate, and verify.

Genesis Chiropractic Software is the proactive technology your practice needs.

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