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Your Practice CNS

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Genesis Chiropractic Software is the central nervous system for your chiropractic practice.

Your Practice’s Central Nervous System

As chiropractors we all know how important our patient’s central nervous system (CNS) is. After all, when we perform an adjustment we are directly affecting its function and improving the patient’s overall health and well-being. But, not many of us think about the fact that our practice needs a healthy CNS to function optimally and remain financially healthy as well – and that CNS is your practice management and billing system. If it’s not functioning at the highest level and performing all of the tasks you need it to handle, your practice, your patients and your income suffers.

That’s why we designed Genesis Chiropractic Software to be the best CNS available for your chiropractic practice. Our chiropractic software platform is built on top

Dr. Vito Spadafino uses Genesis Chiropractic Software.

Dr. Vito Spadafino

of a proprietary chiropractic workflow management architecture, which is designed to automate the majority of your practice management tasks, starting with insurance billing.

In addition, our advanced chiropractic workflow management system includes automated alerts and task generation.  Genesis was designed from the ground up to eliminate the need for memory-management, promotes practice teamwork, and helps manage patient communication and relationships.

Genesis chiropractic software is designed to help you increase patient communication, reduce your patient no shows, automate your visit documentation, easily implement ICD-10 documentation into your chiropractic practice, manage your inventory and more.

Genesis streamlines your entire practice management, helping to increase patient retention and generating more revenue and profits through a chiropractic practice management software system that actually works.

The Genesis Chiropractic Software platform is designed to help you increase your collections, increase patient retention and increase your documentation compliance.

That’s why so many of our users call Genesis the CNS of their practice.

Here’s what they say about our software…

Isaiah from Chiropractic Health says, “I like this billing system, the contact people are easy to get a hold of and have been most helpful getting up setup. They do our billing for us and they have the best team on the planet for insurance billing.”

And, Dr. Vito from West Suburban Wellness says, “Genesis gives you quick access to vital information when you need it, is very customizable, cloud based is great,

Dr. Andrew Andreotta uses Genesis Chiropractic Software.

Dr. Andrew Andreotta

and keeps the system up to date on ICD10’s which helps for diagnosis and billing.”

Dr. Andrew from Rivergate Chiropractic goes a step further to say, “The support is like no other they always answer the phone or emails.”

So, if you’re ready to optimize your practice’s CNS, get the practice management and billing software trusted by so many chiropractors to increase patient retention, skyrocket practice revenues and automate your daily tasks to take the worry out of running your practice – get Genesis Chiropractic Software.

Find out more by scheduling your own appointment right now. Simply click the button in the bottom right. Real numbers from your chiropractic practice will be used to show you how Genesis will improve 5 areas of your practice.

We call it a Dream Practice Analysis. Find out and then you can make an informed decision about increasing your revenue, your patient retention and your documentation compliance as our clients have.

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