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5 Advantages of Genesis

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Advantages of using Genesis Chiropractic Software.

5 Advantages Genesis Brings to Your Practice that Put You Ahead of the Game

Your practice is your financial lifeblood. If it’s not healthy, neither are your personal finances – the income you and your family rely on. That’s why when you look at instituting any new system in your office, you must weigh the pros and cons to determine which one brings you the most advantages for the least downside. And, that’s why we here at Genesis have created our Genesis Chiropractic Software and Billing services to do just that.

In fact, let’s take a look at what our customers say about the pros and cons of Genesis.

advantages of Genesis Chiropractic Software

The Lundy Family

Dr. April Lundy of Harmony Chiropractic Center says, “The customer service is great! They are very timely and easy to reach for help. “Help Tickets” are answered quickly and efficiently. Billing is great. (I’m) able to see how services are being paid.”

And goes on to say, “Claims go out fast, but the best part is knowing right away if something did not go through. This was a problem with past billing – it took a month to see a denial or something missing.”

So far as cons go, Dr. Lundy answers, “Visually it is not as appealing as some other software.”

But, she says, “If (you’re) doing a good amount of billing out to insurances this a good software to have. Syncs up to posture screen and insight which is great.”

Dr. Cheonil Park knows the advantages of Genesis Chiropractic Software first hand.

Dr. Cheonil Park

Now, let’s see what Dr. Cheonil Park from Adio Corrective likes best about Genesis Chiropractic Software…

“I love Genesis since I can use the software with any computer with internet access. It is a cloud based system!! Also, I am a CBP doc. Genesis works great with posture ray and posture screening!!” says Dr. Park.

What he likes least?

Dr. Park answers, “Software speed is based on the internet speed. My clinic location has some issues with the internet.”

But, Dr. Park says, “If you love CBP technique, you need the Genesis software.”


So, for these two docs, the 5 advantages Genesis offers include:

  1. Great customer service
  2. Easy, efficient billing with claims that go out fast
  3. Syncing to posture screening
  4. Ability to connect from any computer with internet access
  5. Perfect for doctors using CBP as well as other techniques

And the only things they aren’t quite as happy with?

Just that Genesis may not be as visually appealing and that the internet in their area can be slower.

Not bad in our book.

Thanks so much to Dr. Lundy and Dr. Park for their glowing reviews!

And, these are just two of Genesis Chiropractic Software’s satisfied customers. For every doctor, Genesis offers benefits that just can’t be beat because our software was designed by chiropractors for chiropractors. So, when you’re choosing a practice management and billing system for your office, look for the software that offers the most advantages with the least downside – Genesis Chiropractic Software.

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We call it a Dream Practice Analysis. Find out and then you can make an informed decision about increasing your revenue, your patient retention and your documentation compliance as our clients have.

Learn about the other advantages Genesis Chiropractic Software has for you.

“Why” switch to Genesis.

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