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Why We Eat Our Own Dog Food

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Bill GatesYes, I know… pretty gross title but it’s true and it’s important to you and your Chiropractic practice.  You may have heard it before.  Bill Gates said that at Microsoft, “We eat our own dog food”.  That means that we never ask you to use something that we don’t use ourselves.  And, I’ll say it again at Genesis Chiropractic Software, we eat our own dog food.  So, why is it important to you?

Let me explain a little bit about how we operate here.  We implemented a coaching system, helping Chiropractors to utilize our Single Point Management System in real time. Genesis coaches meet with our doctors every single month.  They’re not sales people.  They meet with them both at the beginning and throughout their life cycle as clients with us.  That’s a lot of meetings.

To keep track of all of this and make sure nothing ever slips through the cracks, we use our own scheduling system.  The same system that we help doctors implement in their practices is the exact system we use.  I challenge you to find another software company that sells the software and systems they use in their own business.

We never ask you to use something that we don’t use ourselves.

We not only know our system inside and out, we believe in it so fully that it is the only one we will use.  At Genesis, we use the same Single Point Management System for no-shows and no future appointments to make sure that our clients get the ultimate client experience just like their patients receive the best patient experience possible.

By checking our tasks in real time, we can look at what a client is telling us if they don’t show up for a meeting with their coach.  We can catch red flags immediately to boost client retention.  After all, I want to retain my clients just as much as you want to retain your patients.

Here at Genesis we prove that our software and Single Point Management System system is the best because we use the exact methodology that we use for our clients. We use the exact same technology that we would ask you to use.

Is there any other software out there that does anything other than just make you big promises about what you’re going to get?  Some of it’s true but the reality is that they have a sales person who’s not going to be there to help in three weeks or three months or three years.  With Genesis, your coach not only does your initial analysis with you, they also meet with you every single month so that you get more and more out of your workflow.  

You ask your patients to be proactive about their health.  Shouldn’t you be proactive about the health of your practice?  Isn’t it time to schedule your dream practice analysis and find out how Genesis Chiropractic software can improve your profits, workflow, and patient retention.  After all, we eat our own dog food and it has made our business soar.

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