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Move Your Chiropractic Software to the Cloud

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Genesis Chiropractic Software runs in the cloud.

7 Hidden Benefits Of  Moving Your Chiropractic Software to the Cloud

The cloud is now used in everything from the banking you do online to shopping on Amazon.  What you may not know is how moving to the cloud can help your Chiropractic office run more smoothly and efficiently, provide the highest quality patient experience, and even protect you and your patients in the event of a  disaster.  Let’s take a look at four benefits you may not have thought of that come with moving your practice management to the cloud with Genesis Chiropractic software.

Benefit # 1 – Works on any computer

Because Genesis Chiropractic Software is in the cloud and works on a browser you can use it on any of your current computers or tablets as soon as you become a client.  Mac, PC, iPad.  Anytime, anywhere, from anywhere there is a internet connection.

Benefit # 2 – No server hardware necessary

With Genesis’ cloud-based system, all you need is an internet connection to be up and running.  No expensive hardware installations are required to immediately put your practice management system in place and begin streamlining your day-to-day operations and providing the best patient experience possible.

In fact, thanks to the widespread availability of high-speed internet options, it has never been easier for your Chiropractic practice to take advantage of the benefits cloud-based technology delivers.

Benefit # 3 – No in office down time

Since Genesis is online, you can run all of your computers off of one hotspot or cell phone connection should your internet connection fail.  Most newer computers have their own battery source where in the past this was limited to just laptops and tablets.  That means that even when the power goes out you can still run your entire office with just a cell phone connection.  No interruption in patient flow.

Benefit # 4 – Speed

Genesis has thousands of users accessing its’ database of millions of patients each and every day.  Doctors are astounded by the speed of the system.  With other systems you’ll notice the system gets slower and slower the more patient data you add to the system.

Benefit # 5 – Fast and easy implementation

With Genesis Chiropractic software, transitioning to the cloud is quick and intuitive.  There are no implementation hurdles to overcome and our coaches meet with our clients monthly to ensure the best results from Genesis’ fully integrated Scheduling, EHR, and billing services.  Genesis will even assist you when needing to transfer patient demographics from your old system.

Benefit # 6 – Unmatched security

With Genesis and our cloud-based practice management system, you can be assured of the highest possible security for your patient records.  

  • You still own your data.  Contrary to what most non-cloud based software companies tell prospects.  
  • Your data is stored in HIPAA compliant data centers with redundant onsite and offsite backups.  There is a team onsite 24/7 should there ever be a problem with any of the servers.  
  • All data changes are protected bank-level security and encryption.  
  • Two factor authentication for those that choose to take their security to the next level and stay ahead of security standards.   
  • You can make sure different employees have different access levels to the system and even prevent them from logging into Genesis when they are not in the office.
  • Eliminates your liability.  All healthcare business are required to carry insurance on their data security.  Most are unaware and never get it leaving a huge liability exposed.  Storing your PHI in Genesis mitigates this risk.

Security with Genesis is the new industry standard and unmatched.  

Benefit # 7 – Protection from data loss

In the event that a disaster strikes, Genesis Chiropractic software offers an additional benefit with its cloud-based technology – secure data backups.  Even if you suffer a fire, flood, or tornado, your data can be accessed when you need it.  The Genesis data center took a direct hit from hurricane Sandy and experience zero downtime for any of its’ clients across the country and overseas.

Genesis Chiropractic practice management software and chiropractic billing service offers both cloud-based ONC-certified software and a rich set of built-in and optional chiropractic software services you can easily implement in your practice.  Because of this, Chiropractic software reviews consistently places the Genesis chiropractic EHR, chiropractic soap notes, customer service and chiropractic billing services as tops in the industry.

The Genesis system is designed and built by chiropractors for chiropractors, integrating leading technology with easy-to-launch chiropractic practice management software system; a chiropractic software platform that is affordable and powerful enough to help you automate your practice management and increase your practice profitability and provides unmatched security and protection in the event of a disaster.  When it comes to choosing a practice management system for your Chiropractic practice, the benefits of that come with moving to the cloud make it the clear winner.

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