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When to Make the Switch

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Gary Dillon DC uses Genesis Chiropractic Software.Knowing When to Make the Switch to Genesis Chiropractic Software

Many Chiropractors put off switching their EMR systems, worried about the challenges that can come with learning a new software and workflow in their practice.  They often continue to use their old EMR and billing systems, even though they are woefully inadequate and costing them time and money their practice really can’t afford.  Knowing when to cut your old systems loose and embrace a better, more proactive software can make the difference in your practice’s financial viability, the level of care you are able to provide to your patients, and the amount of stress involved in running your practice.

Gary Dillon, D.C., owner of Dillon Chiropractic made the switch to Genesis Chiropractic Software.Gary Dillon, D.C., owner of Dillon Chiropractic went through these same struggles before finding Genesis Chiropractic Software.  For Dr. Dillon, Genesis has been a welcome change from his old EHR and billing provider.

“They (Genesis) are really here to help versus our old EHR and billing that seemed like they were there to collect my money for themselves.” says Dr. Dillon.

Dr. Dillon goes further in his praise for Genesis, saying, “I have just started with Genesis but their customer service and training have already blown me away.”

Even better, switching to Genesis has allowed Dr. Dillon and his practice to realize real-time cost savings and boost their bottom line.

“This software has enabled me to take my billing back in house and actually save $17-$20k per year while doing all of my billing in real time.”

Gary Dillon, D.C., owner of Dillon Chiropractic made the switch to Genesis.With this type of savings, it’s easy to see why Dr. Dillon has been so happy with his switch to Genesis Chiropractic Software.  In fact, when asked to rate his level of satisfaction with Genesis, Dr. Dillon gives the software a five star rating, with another five stars for customer support and the software’s features and functionality.

Deciding to take the plunge and make the switch from his old EHR and billing company to Genesis might have been a difficult decision for Dr. Dillon initially but it has paid off in both the customer service he has received and the huge increase in income to his practice.

When asked what he would tell other Chiropractors considering changing from their old, out-dated EMR software to Genesis, Dr. Dillon says, “Switching EMR systems is a nightmare no one wants to tangle with but when your old EHR starts dollaring you to death at the same time that insurance reimbursement is going down it’s time to make a switch. Thank God I found Genesis when I did.”

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