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Third Party Apps

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Third Party Apps are integrated into Genesis Chiropractic Software.

Third Party Apps have been added within the Genesis Chiropractic Software.  These applications add new functionality inside of Genesis and they will make your work life easier.

Many third party apps vendors are integrated into Genesis Chiropractic Software.

These applications help with your required documentation and they can remind your patients about their appointments to eliminate a forgetful patient who would otherwise be a no show. Another makes it easy to prescribe an exercise program to your patients and another to take credit cards securely right inside your patient’s account.

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All right, so my name is Jason Barnes. I have been working here at Genesis Chiropractic Software for seven years. I’m the chief operations officer here, and I look forward to our semi-regular webinars that we put on. This particular topic can be a touchy one, you know, you see on the screen here, “Why does my EHR not have everything that I want?” And so I wanna set this up. We set this out with a pretty specific set of instructions. Come learn how the Genesis Chiropractic Software platform helps you accomplish all the things that you’re looking for, but make no mistake about it, we’re not good at everything, and we know that. And we don’t wanna pretend to be all things to all people when we know we’re gonna fall flat on that.

And so today we want to explore how it is that we partner up with other people to solve your problems, like great merchant services, great reminder services, patient education. But then we actually bring you even more than that, things from doctors, programs from doctors that we simply, first of all, we didn’t think of, second of all, we don’t know how to coach it better than they do, and they wanna have a platform that they can help others take advantage of it without having to create their own platforms. So we’re gonna get into those services today, how we go about choosing them and then furthermore how we go about implementing them into your office to make life easier. And we’ll pretty much end up with, if there’s something out there that you think will make not just your office run more smoothly or more efficiently but chiropractic, the mission of saving lives in the world today better for others, we would love to hear about it. So let’s continue.

So this platform, it’s billed, web-based, we can integrate with a lot of people. We’ve got billing documentation scheduling, but we know it’s not enough. We know that you need other things, and so we know that there’s no two chiropractors out there that practice exactly alike. And so to be all things to all people is something that we’ve always known that we’ll fall short on, and so we wanna get into how do we address that. So what is it that we are looking for? What is the best? Well, if you look at your practice in terms of revenue, retention, and compliance, right? How do you generate revenue? Well, everyone thinks new patients, we know new patients are important, but we know that retaining patients and then getting your billing through the door, making sure that every visit gets paid the right amount and that all visits get paid is the full complement of that equation. And so how do we make sure that that happens? Well, with so much of these services being cash, or self-pay as a better way of putting that, we need to make sure that we know what the best options in the marketplace are for merchant services, for getting your claims to personal injury, processors, GEICO, you know, employment boards. We have to make sure that we know what the best options are in the marketplace to help you with all three of those things, but making sure that you have the ability to actually manage those is what our platform really does.

So if you’ve got a good merchant service, like a good credit card processor, that offers a really good rate, is that all you should look at? When it comes to smart business decisions, a low rate sounds great, but can you manage it? Do you know which patients have to pay, when, and how to apply those payments to patient visits? So we’re gonna actually get into that. How do we figure out what the best options are in the marketplace? The easy answer to that question is you. Our clients, those experts in the industry who are running high-volume, high-efficiency practices, you tell us what they are. We do a lot of research. We go to those vendors. We work with our clients in making sure that we are choosing to put our time, energy, and resources into an integration with somebody who has not only your best interest at heart but a scalable solution. We integrate with those solutions, and those integrations are expensive. They require a lot of time, energy, and effort, and so we’re gonna get into that a little bit today as well.

Then the biggest thing that we look for when we’re looking to integrate with a third-party software to help you with revenue, retention, and compliance is we know the marketplace is going to change. We know that your patient base can shift. We know that legislation can come out, like the Affordable Care Act, which really raises deductibles and makes more and more of your patients let’s just say self-pay than insurance patients, and your focus would need to shift. We need to make sure we work with vendors who can adapt to the changing marketplace, and so the last thing we look at whenever we’re choosing somebody to partner up with is, is this a company that is flexible? Is this an organization that’s gonna understand that the solution as is might not always be a fit for how the marketplace changes? So here is an example of some areas where we actually put to the test, payment integration, reminder services, patient education, marketing, collections. I didn’t do a full breakdown of all of these for today’s presentation, but I’m gonna show you where you can see all of them outside of this webinar in a lot more depth.

So let’s get started. Well, here is a map of a concentration of our clients, right? So this isn’t all of them, but this is the cities where all of our clients are located. We are across the world here. We’ve got clients in all 50 states now. So, for us, having the ability to actually adapt to the regional changes that are necessary is a big deal. So as we take a look at what solutions are offered, and I’ll just simply choose collections as one of them, not that all of our clients choose to send bad debt to collections, those are not things we can be compliant by having one solution provider for all 50 states, because understanding the complexities of chiropractic patients, local laws and regulations requires local resources. So we’ve connected with over 20 collections companies that are integrated. It’s a good example of the diversity that’s needed, but, again, not a good example of something that all of our clients utilize. So starting with reminder services, there’s a lot more to reminder services than just choosing somebody that’s good, choosing somebody that’s good and understands what spam laws are for email and for texting, what call laws are for allowing somebody to opt out.

We only partner with companies that actually know how to do that. So that’s one aspect, but then if you look at other reminder services, they have to be able to customize. How do our clients want to get reminders out to their patients? It is a big a spectrum as how they wanna actually treat them. So we wanna make sure that we partner with organizations that allow us to customize those things. So some of the options that maybe were unavailable three months ago that are definitely available today is we can send day before and day of reminders. You can customize those to be text messages, calls, emails, or a combination of all of those. Perhaps a buckshot approach is not the best one, but we do have clients that prefer it. But then you can even customize the times. Three months ago if you were to come to us and say, “I wanna, you know, get a reminder service up and running. Which are your options?” And we would tell you what time of the day that those options would be available to you. Now, we have the ability to actually customize the times that these are going out.

And here are our top three partners for this, there are a couple of more. Zingit, Reminder Call, and Proximiti are names of three companies. We’ll show you how to get engaged with any of these as this presentation continues, and if anyone’s got a question as we’re going, please make sure you type it in, and I’ll answer it as we’re going. So the next one merchant services for lack of a better term, credit card processing, it’s how lots of people do this, but it’s more than credit card processing. All of the people that we work with take checks, allow you to process cash, allow you to process, I’m sorry I didn’t mean cash, checks as well as ACHs, the electronic funds debits from people’s bank accounts. So you are gonna have more than just credit card options, and some of those are more attractive than taking credit cards, because there is a transaction fee, however, there is not a percentage fee. So this is something that I would really recommend any of our business owners or practice managers that they’re listening, too, if you’re worried about a bottom line, this is a way to keep it healthier. All right?

So I put down here mobile processing as well, because so many of our practices really love the options that we offer for taking credit card payments or ACHs, etc. in the office. But the options up until very recently didn’t allow you to go out like a square, like another mobile solution that allows you to plug into a cell phone, etc. or a tablet and run that payment, apply it to a patient account or a centralized account in your office to make sure you’re following those dollars as well, and that has recently changed. And it’s a great example of how the companies that we’re choosing to work with see that their solution doesn’t meet the needs of all of our clients, and they’ve adapted themselves to actually create new ways that the technology can actually help you while you’re not in your office, and you’re at a screening, or you’re at an event, or you hosted a dinner, whatever event it is, where you wanna help a patient become a long-time commitment for you and your practice.

And two of the top, not all of the ones that we offer, but two of the top partners that we offer in this realm are Fortis and ClearGage. And we’ve done separate webinars in the past with each one of these valued partners, and they’ve been fantastic, and we’re looking forward to adding additional services that each one of these guys offer, like patient financing, which right now only ClearGage offers. The ability to help a patient see that they have goals in their life that they wanna hit as far as their health is concerned, but then how do you implement that? It’s not just getting a one-time payment. It’s allocating to visits, it’s keeping escrow accounts of what patients have financed, but you can’t allocate to visits until you’ve actually performed the services that are so much more to remaining compliant.

And, lastly, when you get a patient through your door that agrees to a health plan, a treatment plan, how are you gonna take that money? Our recommendation is never, I underscore never, to have them pay as they go. Prepayment solves a lot of problems, but then there are ways that you need to know how to stay compliant, and we can absolutely help you with that. But setting up recurring payments with these partners is one of your best options. Four hundred, $500 a month, whatever the dollar amount is, you said it, and you forget it. You put the four or five, six payments out there. Patient walks through the door, gets their treatment, and when they’re done, they don’t have to pull out a wallet. They’re done. They’re taken care of. You have their card on file. And that’s one other recommendation I’ll make, is always including your disclosures a patient balance consent that allows you to run a card should they run a balance. I always recommend keeping everyone’s card on file, and both of these partners allow you to do that.

Patient education, back to revenue, retention, and compliance, they’re all tied together. Patient compliance to a treatment plan is largely dependent on their understanding of the depth of their problem and their commitment to actually solving it. Understanding that we are not going to be a patient education company, we’ve partnered with some of the best companies out there to help you drive home the point that you have a solution to a very big problem in your office. And even though you’ve got some props in your office, having these types of, and I’ll show them to you in the rest of our presentation, having these types of tools at your ready to show animations, pictures, real demonstrations in 3D on a computer screen of what the patient is actually going through and how it’s affecting them helps drive home the point. Furthermore, it allows you to email home, to text home links and actual programs and allows you to even create a patient portal where they can update their progress on how they’re doing with those treatment plans so that you can stay in touch with those patients at home. It’s a big deal. That’s gonna allow you to retain more patients. They’re gonna come to more visits. Your PVA, your patient visit averages, are going to go up if you utilize reminder services, payment options, and patient education altogether. We’ve got the data that proves it. We know if you’re doing even one of these things, you have better results. If you combine all three of them, the investment pays off.

So we have other great practice tools as well, dinner talks by Dr. Chris Zaino, we’ve got custom documentation by more than one group, one I’m having today is Custom ChiroSolutions by Dr. Davila, Total Cellular Detox by Dr. Pompa. If you’re looking to add additional services for your patients, we have tools that introduce and allow you to purchase and implement programs by other great service providers, like Dr. Dan Pompa. So we can show you those as well. And so what’s so good about that? Well, getting into that, I’ve got a great slide that finishes that up, but I actually wanna show you what this actually looks like. So when we’re talking about reminder services, you have the ability to create customized templates, customized Burbage [SP], record your own voice, use automated voices, use English accents, whatever you’re looking for, in order to help those reminder services going out. But how do you start this?

Well, the first thing that you’re gonna do is you’re gonna get familiar with our app store. If you look at the menu bar right here, you can click on this, it’s going to bring up, this is our demonstration account here. And as I head down here, there are a number of options that you can choose from in our app store. We go to my subscriptions, because I’m already subscribed to a bunch of these, and you can see all the options that are in here, and it allows you to click on these. And, again, some of these, you’ll only see available apps, and you’ll see my subscriptions. My apps is for those people who actually own apps, such as some of our doctors who actually have their programs in here. They’re administrators. So you’re able to click on something in here, and I will click on one of these. Well, I’ll click on a Fortis one here, and it allows you to subscribe to this. And when you subscribe, it’s going to open up a task, and it’s gonna our team to contact you and give you all the instructions that you need to actually get going. If you click on the Dynamic Dinner…I’m gonna come in as somebody else, all right. We’ll show you here what it looks like from somebody who is not an owner of these, and allow me to redo that. If you come in this way, it allows you to click on a learn more button, and what that will do is actually bring up a video of what this program is all about, what it means, and how you can take advantage of it.

If you click on the subscribe, it’s gonna give you access to all of the things that you need to actually get going. So this particular program is one of the new patient referral programs called the Dynamic Dinner. It’s one of the additional tools that we’re talking about. It’s fantastic, it’s one of the best programs we have out there, and it gives you all the tools, all the videos, all the forms, all the scripts that you need in order to get started. So if you want reminder services, if you want merchant services, if you’re looking at any of these other tools, the app store is where you’re gonna go to find this. You’re gonna click on one of those apps. WebExercises is another one that I was just showing you. You click on it, you can click on learn more, it’s gonna bring up all the information that you would need to know to get started. When you get started with these, what’s gonna happen next is it’ll show you how to actually implement them. Like, for instance, if you’re using a merchant service…I am just gonna have to get back to my demo account here. So if you’re using a merchant service, and I click on a patient here…it’s just gonna make me refresh in order to get back to our demo account. If you click on the more button, and you head over, now instead of merchant service, you’ll actually see the Fortis page come up.

What’s so good about having an integrated merchant service? When you run a credit card, when you put recurring payments out there, what’s going to happen is these payments will post directly on the account. As you bill out your visits, Genesis will actually allocate all of the payments to your account, and if you’re using our care plans, which most of our clients do, and they do it really well, you don’t have to worry about balances. If there’s an issue, we’ll bring it to your attention on a workbench, but most of our clients with most of our patients, they set this up one time, they take the payments automatically, or even if it’s a prepayment, and the balances end up being zero, and they don’t have to worry about it with their patients. But this is a Fortis terminal that is attached to James Gerhard’s account, and it automatically goes both ways, where the payments that you would post are gonna go into the account. When it comes to reminder services, it’s about automating, which appointments get which types of templates, and as soon as you set that up, you don’t have to worry about it again. It all comes to be an automated process. You set up the times you want it to go out, you set up the templates you’re looking for, and we handle the rest.

The best part about the reminder services, not all of them, but most of them have some really, really good features, such as consoles which allow you to have conversations with patients, the ability to reschedule, and those are some things that set us apart from any other software which might have text messaging included, but doesn’t really allow you to do all the things that having a specifically dedicated text messaging reminder call company involved.

And, finally, with the patient education, we get into a visit here, and I’ll go into just one of our patients into the travel card. It will show you exactly what we’re talking about here. If a patient is through the door and you’re signed up with WebExercises, let’s just say, you learn how to use their particular interface, which I am not an expert on, but it allows you to put together the patient info. You can exercise search, create an actual program for them, and when you do that, you know, you can choose what it is that you’re looking to do for these, and it will create a program that will be specifically catered to them. You can go over that program, there’ll be videos associated with that program, and you can email right out of the program all of the how-tos and the ability to have the patient log in and actually record their progress so that you can stay in touch with your patient. And they can be reminded of the problem they’re trying to solve, the ability to actually solve it by being reminded of how to do the exercises, and they can even add to their calendar what exercises they’re gonna do when so that they can set up their own reminders.

Same with MyRxX, it allows you to put in all of those things for a patient as well. The WebExercises is one I’m more familiar with, but we have these integrations out there to help you. And finally topping it off, guys, we did not come up with almost any of these ideas. We’re a platform that can plug in and bring this to you in the format that makes the most sense, but if you’re out there and you have a program that you really think that can help chiropractic across the world, we’d be absolutely thrilled to talk to you about it. We won’t do every single one, but we will send surveys out, we’ll see what we can do to gain interest in it, and if there is, we will actually implement it. And all of these are examples of that happening for us.

So I’ll open it up at this point for questions. Any questions about any of the programs that you are using or that you’re interested in using or how to actually get started with any of these, I’d be happy to answer. You can type any questions in. In the operating corner, you should see a chat button. And if there are no questions specific to this, I’d be happy to answer any types of questions at the end of this. So if you have other questions about the system, how to you use it, etc., I’d be happy to answer those as well. You know, two weeks ago, we had one of the most participation I’ve ever seen. We answered questions for 20 minutes, and sometimes we don’t have any. And if you’re gonna get started with any of these, I really recommend the reminder services or the merchant services are some of the best time-saving ones out there. Especially if you’re doing reminder services right now outside of the program, this is gonna help you be much more efficient and automated.

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