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Dr. Allen Miner, Wellness Radio Expert!

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Have you ever wanted to know “How To Start Your Own Radio Show”? Genesis Chiropractic Software brings you Dr. Allen Miner, host of Albuquerque’s number 1 wellness radio show “An Ounce of Prevention”!  Dr. Allen Miner will show you exactly what you need to do to start your very own radio show today!

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“When you have your own radio show, you are speaking to a captive audience.  People who are driving are less distracted by their cell phone, text messages, email, chores, and all these other things flying at them.  They are focused on the road, and listening to the radio, that’s it.  There’s no better way to share your message than through the radio!”  –  Dr. Allen Miner

Dr. Allen Miner is a very successful chiropractor in Albuquerque NM.  He has built not only 1, but 4 successful chiropractic clinics by harnessing the power of RADIO!  He has generated thousands of patients, and millions of dollars, through the years, with his very successful radio show “An Ounce of Prevention”.


…And now he is sharing exactly how YOU can become a Wellness Radio Expert too in this 100% free webinar!  If you have ever thought about doing your own radio show, or if it just sounds like something you would be interested in…
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