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Dr. Sandy Haas wins Best Patient Story Contest

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Congratulations to Dr. Sandy Haas for winning our Genesis Best Patient Story Contest in October. Check out her inspiring story below.

“There’s been so many impactful stories. One story is a story of a young lady that happens to be in the office right now. Her name is Jenny and she is a remarkable young lady. When I first met her and she came to our office, a patient actually brought her in and said I’d like to take care of this patient and I’d like to help her get care and she wanted to help financially support this particular patient get care. She was on so many meds that she could hardly look me in the eyes. She could hardly communicate with me. She looked broken. She looked sad. She looked like nothing about her life was enjoyable.

To know Jenny and what she’s done today, she did the work and we just provided her the pathway to get there. But, she’s done probably over forty I.V. nutrients to detox her off of over a dozen plus medications that was just creating such toxicity in her which was shaping the way she thought, the way she felt and shaping her emotions.

Now she’s out there and she just laughs, she assists other patients, she’s almost kinda like a volunteer.  Even though she’s still coming in for treatments. It’s a remarkable story. She’s lost 125 pounds. Her spine does not look remotely like it did on the very first day. Her story is huge! All I have to ever think of when the day gets, can get stressful and there’s a lot happening in one day, all I ever have to do is just remember a Jenny story.”

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