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Genesis Chiropractic Software works on any device for the patient experience.How Genesis was Designed Specifically for Your Chiropractic Practice

The Patient Experience is key.  If you’ve tried other software and practice management systems you know that they are not all equal.  Just because one works for the plastic surgeon down the street doesn’t means it will function optimally for your practice.  That’s why at Genesis Chiropractic Software, our software and practice management systems were designed by a chiropractor specifically to meet the unique needs of your chiropractic practice.

As chiropractors, we develop a special relationship with our patients.  We don’t see them once a year for an annual exam or even just every six months or so when they get sick.  We see our patients on a regular basis, or at least we do if our systems are running correctly and our patients are compliant.

Because we see our patients far more often than other types of practices, managing the patient experience becomes a much more urgent function for us.  We as the doctor as well as our staff have so many more encounters with our patients: encounters that can have either a positive or negative impact.

With that in mind, we designed Genesis Chiropractic Software to automate the management of the patient experience to ensure that every encounter would end in the best possible experience for patients.  And, we took it a step further by adding real-time access to information and reports that allow you to get ahead of any mission critical situations: things that could negatively impact patient care, compliance, billing, scheduling, and your bottom line.

Each and every time you or your staff interact with a patient or handle a patient’s case, including billing is a chance to demonstrate competence, compassion, and dedication.  Unfortunately each interaction is also a chance for something to go wrong, someone to drop the ball, and for the patient to drop out of care.

With Genesis Chiropractic Software, we’ve broken down every action that goes into managing the patient experience into the specific tasks that are required to handle it optimally.  The system automatically assigns each task to either you or the staff member best suited to the task.  You can then see in real-time how many tasks must be completed to achieve peak performance.  When that task number hits zero, you know without a doubt that nothing has slipped through the cracks and your patients are receiving the best patient experience possible.

A great software and practice management system is vital to your practice.  It ensures quality of care, patient compliance, makes billing easier, and enhances your bottom line.  Genesis Chiropractic Software takes all of these a step further by giving you system designed specifically to meet the needs of your chiropractic practice.

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