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The Change that is Needed

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Genesis Chiropractic Software runs in the cloud.Genesis Chiropractic Software: The Change that is Needed

Change your Mind and Change your Software.

For over 18 years, Corrin Coker didn’t know there was another way. She was trained to “react” to the billing cycle, to chase after late pays, follow up with appointment scheduling, etc.

As a management consultant for ChiroPractical, a small advisory group located in Lake Oswego, Oregon, she found a better way. It was a revolutionary EHR system that she knew her chiropractic clients would appreciate.  Corrin had found Genesis Chiropractic Software, a system based on the same technology used by by Fortune 500 companies to manage their workflows, customer engagement, and business cycles.

“I never imagined that there could be a “proactive” solution where an EHR company would actually invest in the full cycle to the extent that they would be able to intelligently predict payer response to billing and code combinations.” says Corrin.

She was also impressed with how Genesis manages the practice as a whole. “This system appropriately ties together the entire practice – from front desk to chart noting and of course through the revenue cycle. It seamlessly integrates each player in the office and uses a unique practice management tool called “workflow” to drive efficiency and accountability in every corner of the practice, including the patients.”

Corrin was surprised at the level of customization that could be achieved with Genesis. By sharing her with her clients and allowing her clients to adapt the software to their needs as their practice changed, she knew she had the go-to EHR system in the marketplace.

“There are so many possibilities for those who wish to turn on all the options and for those looking to keep it more streamlined and simple that too is an option. The price point, with the clearinghouse integrated, is unbeatable.”

As a consultant, she has some great advice for those looking at Genesis Chiropractic Software to become the hub of their office billing.

“Work with other practitioners to get advice about onboarding, set realistic goals for the implementation process, and take time to learn the system before jumping in to avoid getting overwhelmed. Get to know the team at Billing Precision. And master the workbench first before deployment.”

If you, like Corrin, are tired of reacting to your billing cycle, late pays, and all of the other details that go into your day-to-day practice rather than taking proactive steps to ensure it runs optimally, the solution is here. It is the change that is needed in today’s dynamic chiropractic office billing environment. Genesis Chiropractic Software from Billing Precision is the solution to your EHR needs.

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