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Win $500 for Telling Your Best Patient Story

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Win $500 for Telling Your Best Patient Story!
Have you had any funny situations with your patients? Would you like to share them with us? We would love to hear your stories.
Tips for Your Story
  • What made this patient so special?
  • How has this experience affected you as a Chiropractor and/or your practice?
  • How does this story inspire you, your practice, and other Chiropractors

Watch Dr. Brian Capra’s patient story video:

Entry Qualifications
  • Must be a Genesis user
  • Like us on our Facebook page and simply post your patient success story with the hash tag #Genesispatientstorycontest
  • Feel free to add video and pictures ( no more than 5 min. video)
  • 300 – 400 words
  • If you are not active on Facebook, e-mail us at

Watch Dr. Sandy Haas’ patient success story video here.

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