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Chiropractic Billing | Cut your learning curve with In-Context Help Pages

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Help is there for you. The old adage that time is money certainly holds true for busy chiropractors who want to improve their clinic’s profitability by implementing new chiropractic EHR software. Naturally, they want to avoid going through an uncomfortable adjustment period of learning the required software features, as much as they want to prevent massive changes in their practice management routine.

The obvious solution consists of Genesis’ software training system that allows users to learn on-the-go with in-context help pages. By accessing the appropriate training material right where and when they need it (on the feature page), the users can tailor their personal learning curve to their specific needs and time availability rather than having to go through overwhelming and ineffective lessons.

This learning/training strategy can help chiropractors and their staff members implement new practice management/billing software in the least amount of time necessary to prevent loss of revenue. On the other side of the coin, it allows Genesis to continuously improve its software to help clients manage their practices’ more efficiently without losing revenue on expensive 1-on-1 training.

It goes without saying that basic knowledge of software features and functionality by each and every staff member at the chiropractic clinic is a must in order to use Genesis chiropractic software the way it was intended– as time-saving tool that speeds up documentation and chiropractic billing processes. Furthermore, software support staff would not be able to help resolve even the simplest user issues when clinic staff lacks this kind of technical foundation.

Using the In-context Help Pages to learn more about each of Genesis’ features can be accomplished by clicking the [?] whenever you don’t know how to proceed. A help page will open that explains everything you need to know about using that particular feature within Genesis software platform.  Many of the help pages also include a video that briefly explains what the tab or feature can do for you and how you can use it.

Users can also comment, edit and rate each help page to ensure that the power of Genesis’ network effect is passed on to every member in the form of shared knowledge. Simply click the “Edit” button on the left and type in your user tips following the guidelines that will be loaded onto the help page.  For detailed directions on how to edit a help page, click the [?] within the help page on the right side to load a tutorial.

In context help pages are one of many ways to get help with Genesis.

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