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Dr. Ernie Landi Shows You How To Grow a 1000 a Week Practice

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     Since the beginning of Chiropractic as we know it, the “Chiropractic Philosophy” has been the corner stone of our profession.   Some chiropractors seem to know it, practice it, and explain it better than others.  For that reason Genesis Chiropractic Software has sought out, and interviewed a living-legend.  Someone who has a very strong understanding of the chiropractic philosophy, and who has been practicing it for the last 45 years (and still going strong).

chiropractic philosophyOf the 45 years Dr. Ernie Landi has been practicing, 20 of them were at over 2,600 patient visits a week, and the last 20 have been over 1000.  When it comes to building a practice, he is certainly no stranger to success.  Thanks to Genesis Chiropractic Software, now you can experience that same success!  Check out our interview with the man himself, Dr. Ernie Landi…

In this philosophy-packed webinar you will learn:

– How Dr. Landi went from 700 visits per week to 1,700 visits per week in one weekend!
– How Dr. Landi built a practice up to almost 2,500 patients per week on pure Chiropractic philosophy!
– How you can build a huge 90% cash based clinic, just like Dr. Landi did!
– and why chiropractor’s offices are exploding when they get their Chiropractic philosophy down!

     There is no wonder why this interview has been one Genesis Chiropractic Software’s most popular of all time.  In the first two minutes of the interview you can see that Dr. Ernie Landi is not only one of the most knowledgable in the area of chiropractic philosophy, but he is also one of the most passionate chiropractors in the profession today!  

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