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Chiropractic Billing Stimulus and Network Effect For Practice Profitability – Dr. Troy Dreiling

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Hi I’m Dr. Troy Dreiling from Zenaptic Chiropractic, here in Vancouver Washington. Today I want to talk to you about growing our billing and practice management network. First of all I’m really grateful for my really good friend, Dr. Chris Zaino, who referred me to Billing Precision over three years ago. If it weren’t for that referral I would probably be out doing something else because I wouldn’t be sleeping, I would be worried about compliance, growing my practice, cash-flow, patient management, and patient flow.

Next I want to tell you that I refer all my friends to Billing Precision. Not only are they delighted that I referred them, but my cash-flow improves. One of the things that is exciting about this is that we all share the same billing CNS, or central nerve system. Every billing rule applies to every member. So it’s like this, if we have a shared immune system or central nerve system, I develop a cold and build the antibody towards it, you are actually protected. You get the same antibody.

Now if we don’t share the same immune system or central immune system, I get a cold and I have to build the antibody. No matter how many cold I get, I’m building the antibody, you’re not protected. You have to build your own antibodies on your own. Now if two of us share the same immune system or central nerve system, I get a cold and you actually get the antibody from it. So we are going to get half the colds, but imagine this. Imagine if we have 1,000 people sharing the same central nerve system or immune system, I get the cold, I develop the antibody from it, you’re protected from that cold. All 1,000 members are protected.

Back to the insurance business. You know that the insurance companies make their profit on the float, and periodically they’re going to change the rules to the game, so it’s hard for us to get paid and slows down the profitability of your practice. Now if a 1,000 customers share the same billing central nerve system, it’s only going to take one of us to take it on the chin to develop a rule change so all the other members can share. Why? Because it’s like a shared immune system. So any time there is a rule change Billing Precision creates the antibodies for it and then we’re all protected because we share the same nerve system and we avoid the damage.

Billing Precision’s shared CNS creates the network effect, plus when you refer you can receive Billing Precision’s profitability stimulus. So why wait? Make a referral to Billing Precision today to improve your own cash-flow and compliance.

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