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What Makes Billing Precision Software Unique and Different?

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The most common question I get from prospective clients is, what makes Billing Precision so different for other chiropractic practice management software and/or chiropractic billing services?
  1. Results. Results that lead to shared immunity.  The first difference is we started as a billing company. Chiropractors would go to our online system, choose a patient and enter the diagnosis and procedure codes.  Since this was online we did the follow up and the doctor got real time access to not only the notes we made on our calls but also real time, dynamic, AR reports. This gave the doctor more control then when they did billing in house with all of the advantages of outsourcing.
  2. Since we were doing the billing the next thing we realized we needed from the doctors to process their claims, denials and medical necessity requests were SOAP notes.  When we would request them they varied in format, in quality, and in turn around time depending on the practice.  Worst case would be we would wait for a poorly written note that was difficult to read.  We were losing tens of thousands of dollars and so was our clients.  We had to create a SOAP system that was easy to use (create a soap in under 15 secs for our high volume) and would show medical nec.  We had to win appeals.  We don’t get paid unless the doctor does.  So where most systems are built for aesthetics, ours are built for function and results.
  3. That brings me to the next big differentiators.  Web based Network Effect.  Think of this as sharing an immune system.  Imagine your friend getting a cold and you getting the antibody so you never have to personally suffer.  When we find a change the insurance companies make because of one practice or group of practices, we add a rule into the system that prevents all other doctors from making that coding, documentation or office procedure error. Our system is shared by hundreds of chiropractors across the country.  Some low volume, some as high as 2000 per week.  When we learn anything and build the entire network benefits, including you.
  4. That is how this system/methodology is developed.  On real field results that affect the real bottom line. Fundamentally, that is different than all others.
  5. Another difference is, Billing Precision staff including management use the same exact system to manage our patients/relationships.  Why, because it is the best system to manage relationships.  How many other software or billing companies can say they use the same schedule and documentation system their clients do?  We do!
  6. What do I mean by relationships?  We see the value of a client as more than just the number of months they stay with us times the amount we collect from them on average.  We also factor that an average client will refer a certain number of other clients over their lifetime with us and therefore we do not focus on a lot of external marketing.  We focus on strong relationships managed by our profitability coach.  We measure our success in referrals.  The system alerts our coaches when a relationship is at risk based on warning signs.  The system finds the risk and generates a ticket or a task and assigns it to the correct person.  Each day we are reviewing how many risk items there are.  We can see
      1. The number of risk events (No shows, No Future appointments)
      2. If we are keeping them under control
      3. If not who or what is the greatest risk to relationships.  In other words, is there a backlog of tasks because of a broken office process like recalls or is one of our team members overwhelmed?
    1. There is 3 main types of risk that can be managed this way
      1. Patient Retention
      2. Revenue
      3. Compliance

In order for a system to help you manage theses risks by creating tasks, all of its parts would have to be integrated. Scheduling, Documentation, Billing, and Compliance.

Can you see the value of having thousands of doctors on a web based system and using the immune system principle to strengthen the methodology and technology?
To see if Billing Precision is a good fit for you we will  need to ask you a lot of questions.  Not just about a stand alone system like soap notes. We will need to understand all of the systems you use today to manage your patient relationships.
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Dr. Troy Dreiling uses Genesis Chiropractic Software for his practice and his SOAP notes.All ICD-10 codes are built into Genesis Chiropractic Billing Software.