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Manage Your Office with an All In One Solution

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Office management is a paradox when it comes to healthcare. It is essential that your doctor’s office be properly managed to ensure the timely offering of healthcare services and the profitability of your enterprise. At the same time, managing your chiropractic office does not make you a better healthcare professional but it does make you more efficient and it can turn a practice that is just getting by into one that is amazingly lucrative. Using chiropractic billing software that is specifically dedicated to your healthcare niche offers your office stability and flexibility.

All-In-One Solution

The best all-in-one solution to the many challenges is one that is self-contained. In other words, if you have a problem and you can go to one source rather than many to solve it, it often best and easiest to go with that one source. With online chiropractic billing software from Billing Precision, doctors can remedy each and every one of their office management challenges.

The all-in-one solution includes a complete online appointment book, SOAP notes that may be utilized when advising patients, reviewing and updating records and answering insurance audits and a total invoicing package designed to help your staff use its time as efficiently as possible.

Total Communication

One area that is especially important when it comes to making sure your office runs smoothly is the ability to communicate with all areas of your practice and on all levels. That means that the conduit of communication must be open between doctor and patient, billing and scheduling and patient and insurance companies and doctor’s office. If any of these areas has a failure to communicate, this can cost the practice money.

Sometimes that failure can result in large losses when it involves no shows or insurance audits. Chiropractic billing software from Billing Precision is dedicated to ensuring that all lines of communication stay open and that the chance of miscommunication is greatly lowered by the integration of all service areas within the software.


The other area in which Billing Precision software excels is in its adaptability. Chiropractors are given a system that has a solid foundation that they can then adapt to their practice.

As an example, the scheduler offers a fine platform that may be adapted as needed. Some features that make this software solution simultaneously stable and flexible include the ability to program reminders for co-pays, referrals and unpaid balances and the opportunity to schedule multiple sites and multiple providers. Plus, the scheduler from Billing Precision totally integrates patient demographics, EMR documentation and billing. Each day, practitioners may receive reports on missed appointments, canceled appointments and free time. Because the system is web-based, it is highly configurable.

Making Life Easier

There’s nothing like taking something complicated such as running a healthcare office and making it as simple as is possible. That is what the chiropractic billing software from Billing Precision does. The complete integration of this system makes it an important part of a healthcare provider’s practice as it allows them to perform at peak efficiency. That’s good business and it’s also good for the patients you serve.

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chiropractic billing software does all of this.Dr. Troy Dreiling uses Genesis Chiropractic Software for his practice and his SOAP notes.