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Chiropractic Billing Solutions Provided by Billing Precision

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(Press Release) September 23, 2011 – Brian Capra set out to provide chiropractors with practical billing and business solutions that they could use to integrate their business and create more profit. The result was Billing Precision (, which is a web-based software program that practitioners can utilize to ensure greater productivity.

Capra, who is a practicing chiropractor, observes, “There are a few basic areas where chiropractors tend to lose money. One major problem for most practices has to do with patients missing appointments. When this happens the time and money are lost forever. Another area,” he adds,” has to do with insurance company audits. If an insurance company believes they can disallow claims they will try to do so. That means that the doctor must keep and possess an accurate record of the patient’s visit and their prognosis.”

The problems with missed appointments and insurance audits have both been addressed by Capra’s software, which includes an option whereby patients receive an automated call reminding them of their upcoming visit. As far as audits are concerned, Billing Precision offers software-based SOAP notes that can be taken in seconds. These notes, which focus on four areas-Subjective, Objective, Assessment and Plan-are used by doctors to detail a patient’s condition, the doctor’s prognosis and proposed treatment. They are essential evidence when a claim is audited. Billing Precision’s SOAP notes are entirely integrated with the rest of the system.

“It’s important that a chiropractor’s office be able to communicate important information to patients, insurance companies, the doctor and other office staff,” explains Capra. “This is exactly what Billing Precision does. It’s easy to learn and very adaptable. Once it’s up and running, the software is also extremely efficient.”

Prior to Billing Precision such software was primarily focused on basic scheduling and billing procedures. In past years, business solutions for doctors focused on one or two areas and integration was lacking. This web-based system includes everything needed to ensure that a chiropractor gets the most out of every appointment, conforms to the rules and regulations as set forth by insurance companies and government agencies and keeps accurate records. It does so as the name indicates, in a precise manner.

For more information on Billing Precision and the various services and features associated with the software go to There you’ll find additional information regarding the company and Doctor Capra.

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