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Billing Precision Provides an All-In-One Billing System for Chiropractors

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(Press Release) September 22, 2011 – Dr. Brian Capra created Billing Precision because he realized through his own chiropractic practice that his business was not running as efficiently and profitably as it could. Insurance audits, charge backs, missed appointments by patients and many other factors were causing him to lose money each and every week. Plus, he found it was difficult to track exactly what parts of his business were deficient.

“Billing Precision is just what its name indicates and more,” says Capra. “One of the most difficult parts of any chiropractic practice is the business end as it relates to patients, insurance companies and billing. With Billing Precision, I decided to create an all-in-one solution that would allow a chiropractic business to run smoothly and efficiently. ” Capra notes, “Each week a busy chiropractor’s office stands to lose hundreds and even thousands of dollars due to insurance audits and missed appointments. I decided to do something about that.”

Capra’s all-in-one solution is web-based, which makes it easy to access from anywhere and simple for customers to obtain upgrades. It allows chiropractors to do everything from take SOAP notes that are then integrated into the system, file insurance claims and see business stats on patients. It is a totally integrated program.

“It all works together,” Capra said, “which means that chiropractors can get each and every aspect of their business working together. As an example,” he explains, “our SOAP notes are very easy for chiropractors to utilize. They can be taken and completed while meeting with the patient. Also, these notes, that in essence offer a summary of the exam, prognosis and treatment, are easy to integrate with insurance agency requests.”

The total Billing Precision system may be tapered to meet the individual needs of practices and includes various features and many options. Once in place, office personal can easily learn how to use it. In a short amount of time, practices find that they are saving time and money.

For more information on Billing Precision and the various services and features associated with the software, please go there.  There you’ll find additional information regarding the company and Doctor Capra.

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