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Can you afford to fail an insurance audit?

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Take a serious look at Genesis Chiropractic Software.It seemed like things might get worse for Ben’s chiropractic clinic before they got better.

Sure enough, he received another letter from Blue Insurance. This time they wanted him to pay back the money he had already received for the claims that failed the audit last month in addition to paying a hefty penalty of $30,000.

“Why don’t you contact a chiropractic compliance expert,” Carmen suggested. “He might be able to help you figure out this audit fiasco without losing your clinic.”

Ben was trying to appear calm as he responded: “I guess it’s worth a shot.” He did not want his wife, Carmen, to know how worried he really was. The truth was, he doubted that anyone could help him make it through this audit-nightmare in one piece. But at the same time he did not want to give up on his dream of having a chiropractic clinic so he could save as many people’s lives as possible.

When he met the compliance expert, David, later that week, he did his best to stay composed as David prepared him for the worst case scenario.

“You should be aware that Blue Insurance might blacklist you,” David warned. “And once they do that, all the other insurance companies will come after you like a pack of wolves. Then you will have to deal with even more audits and disruptions of your chiropractic billing cycle.”

“Something tells me that’s not even the worst outcome,” said Ben.

“Unfortunately, it’s not,” David admitted. “You could also lose your license, not to mention the legal fees you would incur if Blue Insurance takes you to court. In case you are convicted for fraud, you could also serve time.”

Ben swallowed hard. He started thinking about his patients. Would his patients stay loyal throughout these fraud accusations? It’s not like they would understand how difficult the insurance companies made it for chiropractors to stay compliant with ever-changing regulations for chiropractic billing and documentation. His professional reputation was clearly taking a big hit. Would anyone still think of him as a stand-up guy who was not interested in cutting corners?

“Is there any way to minimize the damage from this failed audit so that I don’t lose my entire patient base?” Ben asked. “I can’t blame people for not giving me any referrals until this is over. But I can’t afford to lose my current patients, too.”

David sighed. He felt Ben’s pain and wanted to reassure him. But he had to avoid giving him false hope. Ben had to be ready for an uphill battle, no matter how ugly it might get, if he wanted to prevail.

Have you ever been audited or do you know anybody who was audited? 
What was the worst part about it?
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